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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by FJM25, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. First post - really enjoy your site.

    I have recently purchased a No.4 Mk2 with the barrel cut down and in a black plasic stock and have refurbed her into kind of a .303 caliber L42 - new buttstock, cheek piece, L42 handguard, modified forestock, fulton's mount and an IOR 4x32 scope. I would like to rebarrel in 7.62 - I need barrel dimensions for an L42A1 - I know it's 27.5" long and approximately 1" in diameter but need a barrel contour drawing or spec to supply the gunsmith.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. Is there any real reason to change to 7.62? 303 is a perfectly capable round for anything you would realistically wish to do with such a rifle. I have something VERY similar to yours. Delete the top hand guard and replace the jury rigged rail with properly fitted mounts and I've got the same rifle. I'd be more than pleased to help. Which factory was the original rifle made in?
    While we're at it, what do you want to use the rifle for? I use mine for deerstalking, classic sniper match etc.
  3. As another note, the real L42s were converted from the No4 Mk1(T)s rather than the technically superior No4 Mk2s. The trigger arrangement was superior on the No4 Mk2s and this is what the Enfield Enforcers were built on. However, the scope mountings on the Enforcers and the Parker Hale sporter conversions were far less secure and rigid than the original No.4 MK 1 (T) arrangement.

    Scope choice is a problem all of its own due to the stock length and mounting options available.

    4(T) will provide a useful contribution I'm sure
  4. Thanks for the reply - rifle is a 9/53 Faz. I plan to use it as my primary deer hunting rifle this Fall. One reason for the barrel swap is that surplus .303 is getting harder and harder to come by ($$$) AND very limited in factory loaded hunting rounds (I don't reload - no time and don't really care to). The .308 Winchester can be purchased anywhere and in all types of bullet weights/loadings and is much less expensive.

    "Jury rigged rail" - what's wrong with my Fulton's mount? Almost cost me as much as the rifle.
  5. I take it you're in North America. If you were in UK I could suggest places you could get your rifle rebarrelled in 7.62 for about £120. Even then I don't think it would be worth bothering if ammunition availablitiy is your concern.

    I am fairly confident that buying suitable reloading eqpt in North America and learning how to use it will be very cheap compared to a rebarrelling job.

    All the screw-in , clamp-on rails suffer with the same problem in that they put the scope on so high that it's not possible to get a good cheek weld to the stock. Even the "sniper" cheekpiece as fitted to the No.4 (T) only raises the eye level to what would be considered normal today for the iron sights. The standard No.4 stock has a very low comb. Add the "sniper" cheekpiece and you still need to get the scope very low, lower than is possible with any "no gunsmithing" mount that I have seen.

    I ended up putting a full machine shop together to solve the problem myself!

    It's late here now.


    Ex STAB
  6. Another problem you're going to get with a conversion is that of ejection. (extraction was straightforward) It took a lot of fiddling with the already-converted rifle I owned, before I was able to get a 7.62mm No 4 to actually eject the rimless case, even with Enforcer mags. In the end I bought a 303!