L42 and the IWS bracket


Now I seem to recall a bracket for attaching the IWS to the L42. Not from personal experience as I wimped out of that course but from seeing a picture of the Roayls on their way to The Falklands with one fitted. Anyideas or pictures? Google isnt much help here. I may have to search my book collection. I also dont recall it being in the case for the IWS?


If memory serves it came in your L42 box. Unfortunate that you asked this now and not 3 weeks ago (when I ditched my 1981 course notes, etc!!).

The IWSW bracket was included in the L42A1 chest, with the other accessories:

These days, much sought after to convert to an extended scope mount that will take a longer scope than the original No32/L1A1.

When the L42A1 was declared obsolete and sold off the IWS brackets were removed from the CES hence all the owners of L42 in the chest looking for the elusive IWS bracket. One batch of 627 rifles went to Navy Arms in the USA in 1992
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Thanks fellas, I knew 4T would have the answers rather they came in open forum so all of us can enjoy them, I now need to get these out to a Canadian forum. That Mount looks like the slide is flat horizontal plane rather than vertical which is how I remember the SLR bracket or have my marbles gone the same way as the GPMG Suit sight fitting!
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