L42 A1 Back in service!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Henry_Tombs, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. The fact that the 155gn match/sniper cartridge is designated L42 is either sheer coincidence or someone with a sense of history/humour.

    I also have it from at least one "reliable" source that it is true that the rifle is back in use , but until I see one with my own eyes /on a reliable picture, I'm not sure what to believe.
  2. I think ammunition designation may be part of the problem and confusion on Ian Skennerton's part; although I prefer Peter Laidlers view of the story and he is somewhat better placed to know the truth.
    near bottom of page.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Henry having bought his book, and it is a good book though lacking some details I found the quote on page 264:
    Here is a quote from the new Lee Enfield Rifle book by Ian Skennerton -

    "During 2005, orders were placed for some more converted 7.62 mm L42A1 sniper rifles. Comparative tests were being conducted with the new sniper issue Accuracy International and Parker Hale M82, using a 7.62 mm L42A1 as a control rifle. These followed complaints regarding sand and fine grit fouling the sniper rifles. Not surprisingly, the L42A1 out-performed the other two rifles and in view of the problems encountered with sand in the Iraq environment it was a more reliable proposition.

    The result was a further batch of newly converted L42A1 rifles was ordered for service in the Middle East. However, the earlier L1A1 scope, ex-No.32, had been superseded. The L13A1 scope for the L96 rifle, a Schmidt & Bender 6 x 42 mm, was fitted onto new hand-made mounts for the revised L42A1. A batch of 50 each, new L42A1 rifles was reportedly ordered for the Royal marines and the Parachute Regiment, with another smaller lot for the Special Air Service, a few dozen units. So the renowned Enfield was once again in front line service.

    So any comments is the question, perhaps Fallschirmjager can enlighten us. Apparemtly Pete Laidler (if it was him being quoted) claims its all pisch!
  4. SOunds like borrax to me.

    I put hundreds of L42-A1 rounds through my 7.62mm target rifle this year. It is the standard ammo that is issued at Bisley for the British Open Target Rifle Championships (imperial Meeting). I think Radway Green issue it as their top grade target/sniper 7.62mm ammo.

    As ever, I stand to be corrected.
  5. There's nothing at all on the Defence Intranet about this. Also being an ex Armourer, I'm sure a few of my old Wpns mates would have told me about the Enfield equipment course that they'd be going on, as they did for the Minimi
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I love his comments about talking to a "Royal Parachute regiment sniper" We all make mistakes, I'd rather not pay £50 to see his in print!
  7. I may be wrong but I'm sure pete laidler is dead. I think I read about his death in the armourer's association newsletter.

    edited to add: I'm pleased to say the above is incorrect
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Hence my question as to whether it was PL posting on that website, anyone can be anyone they want on the anonymous internet! Still it smells though!
  9. I can confirm it was actually him.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    So not from beyond the grave unless the military cemetery has broadband!
  11. If you read through this mega-L42 thread, you'll see that not only is Pete L alive, but he is actually duking it out with Ian Skennerton in the thread! "Clash of titans" as one forum member puts it...


    Like Peter, I find it inconceivable that the MoD would resurrect an Enfield sniper: all of the Ts and L42s have been scrapped or sold off long ago, and no-one in service - apart from Peter and one or two others - knows anything about fitting and maintaining the rifles.
  12. I could believe that the AW and Parker Hale M85 were the subject of a reliability trial with L42A1 AMMUNITION as a control!

    There are probably a few M85s on charge that could have been used for such a trial. It's a certainty that "Parker Hale" won't be building any more as they are nothing more than a brand name of John Rothery Wholesale.

    Let's face it, the Lee Enfield was great in its day but no-one is making them and it's outmoded. I think the Lee action is worth a look at to see what could be done with the principle but the self loading rifle has pretty much removed the requirement for a fast but only moderately accurate bolt action rifle.

    I still love mine and out of all the bolt action rifles I own (most are rather more accurate) I'd still choose my No.4 if I had to use one of them in battle. (Which clearly isn't going to happen!)

    Got ten hits out of ten on snaps at 300m in a stiff wind on a fig 12 last week though.....(Including a charger reload!) :D
  13. i find this very hard to believe!

    has anyone heard of any problems with l96 and l115 having problems?
  14. I also find this story very dubious. Both the L96A1 and L115A1 were designed from the outset to work in severe conditions and both passed their environmental and safety trials with no problems. Plus, they've both been in intensive use in the hot dusty places for the last 4 years. Why suddenly a problem now?

    Parker Hale M82s as a reference test? Conceivably they could have borrowed some to test, as they are still in service in Canada, Australia and NZ.

    Guy Savage from Sabre Defence Inc bought up the rights and tooling for the M85 when Parker Hale went bust. He was going to relaunch the product, but it's been a good few years and no sign of them yet...

    Almost certainly this story has arisen due to the latest RG sniper ball being the L42A1 - a pure coincidence. As for someone spotting a heavy barreled Enfield with a Schmidt & Bender scope at Bisley - don't make me laugh! A 7.62 Enfield with an Armalon scope mount is still very much the standard budget entry into fullbore rifle shooting. There are absolutely loads of them on every range in the UK.