L4 Bren

I'm new to this forum and have gone back a bit and didn't see this topic posted before, so if it has been I hope you'll still reply.

My question is how was the L4 used sections and how does it comapre to the Fn mag. I know its a fav weapon from what i've read on ther posts. But coming from canada i don't hear much about the nato ver of Bren. We had the C-2 and now the C-9 and being an FSC tech we never really touch the small arms.

The "Bren" as you refer to, was and is known as the "LMG". In my day the '80s was used by us infantry in Ulster, Providing each 4 man team (brick) a bit more Firepower. Within each Platoon we had 3 GPMG and 3 LMG. I never liked carrying the dam thing, the Magazine had a tendency of falling off, the gas plug end was a load of bollox. Nice to shoot thou. Got replaced by LSW, alot better

Other units used it, I've seen in of REMF wagons, Cloud punchers, NAAFI tactical shelving (reserve) units.
My Bn employed the LMG (Bren) as a section weapon until our return from Sarawak in 1966 when we exchanged them for the GPMG.

The 'Gun Group' (FSG) constituted half of an infantry rifle section's (squad) fire power and consisted of a gunner, who carried and operated the weapon, the No 2 who served the weapon with ammunition and spotted for the gunner and a L/Cpl who commanded the group, selecting fire positions, controlling fire etc.

The LMG was an extremely robust weapon and very accurate. Carriage of ammunition was cumbersome (LMG magazines held 30x7.62mm rounds). It lacked the GPMGs 'beaten zone' and rate of fire though I much preferred it on jungle ops' as it was lighter and easier to handle than the GPMG and less prone to stoppages in adverse conditions.

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