L39A1 7.62X51

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by plugbore295, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Looking for a guide price selling on a low numbered L39 in A1 condition.
    Any ideas, I know its difficult without seeing item.
  2. Depends which country you are in, and how original is the L39A1.

    Here in UK, for a reasonably mint L39A1:

    Private sale: £250-450

    Normal RFD sale: £400-550

    Fultons: £550-650
  3. 4(T), sorry to bother you with a quick question, but just what are the differences between the '39 and an enforcer?
  4. the stocks are different and the enforcer (usually) has a scope mount.
  5. The Enforcer was based on the L39A1 specification; they are basically identical to an L39A1 except for:

    1. A standard Parker Hale monte-carlo sporting butt was fitted (same butts as on PH T4s, sporters, etc);

    2. Parker Hale scope blocks fitted;

    3. A PH 5E4 target sight fitted (this was the latest PH 7.62mm target sight, fitted to an adaptor plate that could be switched for different rifle actions);

    4. A special safety lever with an extended bob to clear the target sight (they didn't bother on the L39, as this was intended as a target rifle);

    5. A turned "chordal" rilfed barrel instead of the Enfield hammer-forged barrel used on the L39/Envoy/L42 (later, these chordal barrels were accepted as replacements on L42s as well).

    The action milling (for fitting of the 7.62mm magazine), forend woodwork, and general preparation are all the same.

    Both L39s and Enforcers are in turn practically identical to any number of gunsmith-built target rifles using the same components and cut-down No4 forends.
  6. Thanks for replies This one is totally original with very little use,comes from a dedicated Enfield collector.Asking for £500 + - if it goes through will try to post photo.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Little use in his ownership?
  8. Thank God it hasn't had scrim tied and glued all over it and isn't masquerading as an L42......... ;)
  9. ok then, another quick question - what are the differences between the two, and whats the better rifle to get?? the L39 or the L42 ???

    sorry to be asking, apart from general issue SMLE's, No4's and 5's I'v not had much experience with the 'sniper' models.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Depends if you want the original magazine issued with it to feed or act as a loading platform!
  11. Mine sold for a staggering £725 through a dealer.

    L39 modified by armalon, hammer forged tube, compensator, original kicker plate mags (4 of) enlarged bolt handle and mint walnut furniture, plus an old but good Pecar scope.

    Crap rifle really. Very jumpy in the shoulder, but some Enfield enthusiast was clearly smitten with it. I only paid £320 for it and £40 for two additional mags.
  12. L42s were converted wartime No4(T) rifles, and are based on a No4 Mk1 action. They come complete with a matched wartime telescopic sight on a special bracket.

    L39s were built in the 1970s on post-war No4 Mk2 actions (the trigger is hung on the receiver, not the triggerguard).

    The L42 is an actual "sniper" rifle, the L39s were only issued as a target rifle. Although the two rifles are almost identical (barrels are the same), the L39s tend to be in much better less-used condition.

    Oh, and price: a complete L42A1 in its transit chest will cost about £4,500. An L39 can be had for £200-300 if you're lucky!
  13. this is looking like my future option then.......... ;)