L2A1 Sight Periscopic A.V. Image Intensifier?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Paddy_SP, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. I was at a military surplus place this afternoon, and came across five 'L2A1 Sight Periscopic A.V. Image Intensifiers'. These were night vision devices the like of which I've never seen before. They were about five feet long, had binocular eyepieces at one end, and the mother of all objective lenses at the other. They made 'TWIGGY' systems look tiny in comparison!

    In spite of the 'periscopic' bit on the nameplate, they didn't actually seem to be periscope-type systems - rather, they looked like huge spotting scopes. They did, however, have very precise-looking adjustment wheels on the side, so my guess is that they're some kind of weapon sight.

    I was wondering if anyone here can tell me anything about them? Such things as what kind of mechanism they use (Cascade/Gen II, etc.), what they were used for, and if they're any good. The only thing I can think of using one for is as a donor to build a giant wildlife NV camera, but then again, I'm into that sort of thing. As ever, any help would be most appreciated!
  2. Sounds like the II sight on CVR(T), mounted in the big box beside the main armament.
  3. How much was it and where?
  4. They didn't give me a price. As for where - I'd rather keep that to myself at the moment, but will happily pass the details on to you at a later date, if you'd like me to.
  5. If you wouldnt mind please
  6. Not worth it for the NV bit's going by the ebay price from what seem to be the same guys.

    It's a sight that tracks with the gun, the actualy intensifier bit doesnt seem to be anything special, can't tell if it's Gen 2.

    British Army Periscopic Sight System Image Intensified L2A1 AV | eBay

    I bet they are having problems flogging them over seas due to end user certifcates being needed so they are trying to flog them over here at inflated prces.
  7. Never realised they were so big!! Looking for something with a very large magnification but a bit more useable to see a family of foxes that come out most nights in the field behind me
  8. IIRC they were Gen 2, a pain in the arrse and used to 'white out' every time the gun fired, by the time it came back the round had landed so you couldn't adjust the fall of shot, well in my experience on Scorps
  9. I'd love to help, but while I've seen similar sets, I don't recognise those particular goggles.

    They are as per the link below - I hadn't realised that they were up on EBay. They are, as you said elsewhere, bloody mahoosive though, and no good at all for spotting foxes. This is something I do almost every night as I help look after the agricultural interests of some 15,000 acres of mid-Devon farmland.

    Thanks for the link - I agree that they're probably having problems with end-user certificates.

    Interesting. My guess would be that the white-out was due to the smoke from the gun getting in the way. I have that problem on still nights with my foxing rifle, even though I use high-end GenIII kit.
  10. My bold. No, it's due to the ammount of light. Hence the term 'white out'.
  11. Ah - I see - you're saying it was due to 'light overload' as the result of the flash, rather than from the hang-around effects of the smoke, which makes perfect sense. In my case, it occurs because the laser illuminator I use lights up the cloud of smoke, and when this happens I also get a complete white-out.