L23 Sub Projectile

I have one of these blighters complete with a loverly beech stand. Its in pristine condition and I am toying with idea of getting rid of it on EBay. Before I do:

Is there anybody here interested?

How much do we think its worth?

Cheers in anticipation
Very nice. But can't you just use it for a game of 'lawn darts'? I know it's FFE, but what is the legallity of selling it on Ebay. I thought they had a 'no weapons' rule? And call me old fasioned if you like, there's no way that could be discribed as anything but a weapon. :roll:
You could sell it as a paper wieght , You watch now if you sell it on e-bay all the
drill rounds from all the RAC training wings are going to go missing .
Always looks like a blue peter creation. "Now take your green card and your black card, remember the hoover piping that we sprayed earlier, you'll need that too" hah. I've been watching some inert/replica sales of explosives on eBay, not much in it really fella.

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