L1A1 for lefties

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Montague, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Very rare but I was told by an armourer that they did develop a new slide/erecter and top cover to make it usable to lefties.

    Now has anyone for any pictures to prove this ?
  2. Erecter? Haha have they now?
  3. The L1A1 was a bag of repetition-only shite! Why can't you old ***** get past this fact?
  4. I'm left handed in all things except firing a weapon. Don't need left handed adaptions just learn to fire the weapon properly and it will come naturally.
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  5. Surprised,during all the years I used one,always told "if you're a lefty,tough shit,learn to shoot it right handed",oh and I've never seen a left hander,show me a piccy,and I'll believe it! :meditate:
  6. Because we're to busy laughing at the popgun shite,you use now! :tongue:
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  7. Quite simply, it fired a far better round 7.62mm. Instead of the woefully inadequate 5.56mm. Also you didn't need to do the stupid change hands thing to do basic drills with it. Also it didn't mess up and jam anything like as badly as the current chad valley piece of crap. It could be made to fire Auto if you knew how to do it. Consider this, it was a version of the FN FAL. the FN FAL was widely used around the world because it was a fine piece of kit. How widespread is the use of the SA80 family? And I don't mean our own forces taking it abroad, I mean other countries making it their personal weapon of choice?

    Wasn't there that case in the news where one of our soldiers shot a sitting man with three rounds or 5.56mm and the bloke made a complaint about it? Well with 7.62mm he wouldn't be around to complain, if you get my drift.

    I remember when the Guards first paraded with these at Buckingham Palace. As they marched off, the square was littered with magazines that had fallen off! That never happened with the SLR. It didn't happen with the 0.303" either for that matter. Why on earth can't you just see the SA80 family for the crap that it is?
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  8. just like that 'new' L129A1 is repetition only? you know that one? the none bullpup in 7.62? with ergonomics and layout like an SLR? thats been dragged in on an uor because the L85a2 is shit and cant do the job??
    i guess the L129A1 must be absolute shit then too?
    who feckin' cares? the only important part of any gat is the nutt behind the butt.
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  9. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Why is 5.56x45 inadequate?

    I don't know who taught you SAA for the L85 but they were crap at it! You don't need to take your right hand off the pistol grip to perform any drill for the L85.

    The L85A2 is one of the most reliable, Western-made assault rifles available. The A1 was shite but times have changed.

    I suspect that it isn't as much to do with the capability of the L85 but the piss-poor state of UK small arms manufacturing at the moment. If we had a company like FN Herstal, with the capability for mass producing the L85, we'd likely see more orders.

    There's a story that a Brit in WW1 took several rounds of 7.92 Mauser to the chest, didn't miss a beat, captured an enemy trench then realised that he should've died several minutes ago and promptly popped his clogs. Point being, it can happen with any round.

    Again, you refer to the L85A1, not the A2. So what if back in the day some magazines fell off in front of Queenie? I doubt she was mortally offended.
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  10. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    What change hand drills?? Surely right hand stays on the pistol grip and the left hand does everything else?
  11. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Feck you mongo, beat me to it :)
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  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    There was no need for a left handed one, as you could fire and carry out the drills left handed.
    Both right and left handed soldiers were taught to fire the weapon from either shoulder.
  13. Listen to all the old crusties bleating about the "new fangled" rifle, and how bad it is. With their views based on well out of date quips that they probably heard from another old twat at the RBL bar.

    The SA80 is far better than the L1........end of.
  14. I fired the SLR as a lefty with no problems. Far easier than having to curl your hand over to work the bolt on a .303.
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