L17A1 Sig Sauer 9mm Pistol

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Do you require any particular training for this weapon before being issued it for Op Theatre's, I understand that Skill at Arms Instructor's are not taught on this weapon, do you have to attend any specific course on this weapon first ?

  2. You need an SAA and the pamphlet and away you go!
  3. Pistol training

    Well on the subject

    Been out for a few months now but with the new job been on exercise with the Ityies in armour, Spanish SF in Alacante , CZ SF in CZ republic and some ITi marines.

    The Marine pistol training was fantastic.

    The Instructor put us down range and then explained how to use the Baretta .

    You putta the mag in here, point down there "points toward Us
    " :cry:

    Then you fire 15 rounds change mag and fire 15 more.

    Any questions?

    Q1. What about the safety catch?

    A1. You don't use it - OK.

    Q2. What about if there is a problem ?

    A2. There will not be any problems.

    Q3. Asked by a Full Col - Can I see the gun?

    A. Why ? , who has not seen this gun before ?

    out of the 25 shooters 15 hands go up

    Im like WTF is going on.

    A few 3 or 4 play with the gun then the shooting starts.

    4 hand injuries in the first 15 shooters before I walked away.

    On a better note the CZ were fantastic to a man and even let me play as as gunner the turret of a BVP 2 (BMP 2).

    Now that is one scary job so many sharp bits and pointy things and battoned down could not see shit. Glad I was never in Armour.
  4. So an SAA can teach you then ? , without being taught on the weapon him/herself
  5. Just out of interest, is the Sig now being issued to troops other than SF,CP teams etc for ops? Is it the P229, 228 or 226?
  6. It more of a question about the correct authorisation to issue the weapon to someone who would rather have one, than a browning
    P229 :)
  7. ............................... a 'Rupert' perchance?
  8. I believe a AASAA having been WHT tested by SASC can then test everyone there after, however I may be wrong, thats what happened to me in the sandpit so I could conduct WHT and TRG on the UGL.
  9. Having spent all my life using the standard Browning, I am now issued with a Glock 17, obviously not a Sig. But the point being, the weapon system, particularly the trigger/safety really takes some getting used to and if it is to be used in anger/defence I would suggest you get the maximum training you can as all these weapons have there own peculiarities. Cant advise who should train you, local police firearms trainers are worth speaking to.
  10. An SAA is exactly that! He gets the relevant pam, he practises and then he teaches.

    Its a great pistol enjoy!
  11. Disco. Quoting: Do you require any training on this weapon. Can an SAA teach you witthout being trained him/her self? What I was saying was every weapon system is so differant you need training from somebody who has actual experience in the weapon and not just a book that teaches you dry dry weapon handling, he should find somebody experienced. Agree, a bloody good weapon better than a Glock.

    Not looking for the normal Arrse argument that this particlar site has become.
  12. Normally the experience comes from other SAA who have used it in unit (tips and tricks etc). If there is no other SAA available then you have trust the guys qualification (it is afterall a big hitter qual wise). He masters the pam, could even practise on the range to get a feel and then teaches.

    An SAA is trained in the art of training weapons systems otherwise what is the point?

    The SASC is always there for advice if required.
  13. As long as the SAA Instr has passed his weapon handling test on the weapon from another SAA he can take you on a weapon handling test and then the relevant shoot required. However the Sig is normally for SF or Close protection, but if your unit has them then I can't see an issue.

    Great weapon, very accurate.
  14. I'd agree with your first statement, but would say that it's more the firer who dictates accuracy when pistol shooting, I wouldn't say it's any more accurate than any of the other pistols I've fired in the past.

  15. Fair one. It's apersonal thing, I would always scrape a pass with a browning but with a Sig I couldn't miss. Well, sometimes.