Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DPM_Sheep, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Just got time to post this before I gonk out. Posted by LEI over on Milphotos the Issue config for the LM7 (Minus harris bipod). Try not to drool on it too much, ExStab. :p

  2. 16" barrel?? Very short for a 7.62mm ... I don't have the tables in front of me but surely that makes the round go subsonic before 800yds, thus buggering any perceived range advantage?
  3. [spotter-mode]

    Also, I thought pronged flash-eliminators had been out of fashion since Vietnam, since they tend to catch on things.

  4. Errrrr no it won't. Shorter is more accurate. Last week the FBI snipers showed up with a Rem 700 variant with a 12" barrel. That shot fine. Besides 600m not 800m is where a DMR should work from a practical point of view with a 6 x maginfication.
  5. I'm sure it did, but out to what distance?

    I was under the impression that the L129 was intended to cover the gap between 600m (effective section range of L85/LSW) and 800m, where the L115 takes over for engagement of long range targets. Probably wrong, happy to be corrected.
  6. Would have though that MOD would have at least one expert on the team that authorized this Specialist Rifle.
  7. To answer the question, only 600m, but this week will be out the field firing to 800m - 1000m. 170gn Lapua may help here. You are correct this is a weapon that will work to 600m-800m but the optics rather than projectile and/or barrel length seem to restrict to 600m or thereabouts. Besides I don't wish to sidetrack, but was amazed that a sniper (albeit a US copper) showed up with a 12" barrel, where I use 16" as my absolute minimum due to ballistics( as pointed out by studentfeckwit). Short and stiff does the business. Maybe I should have said "shorter can be more accurate".
  8. I know someone will say that's not what it's designed for or the purpose for it's issue but, it doesn't take a bayonet. I thought there might be an occasion where that might come in handy. I'm looking forward to seeing the reports back from troops in 6 months or so on what they think about it, particularly on the issue of the larger caliber. With the 7.62 and 5.56 both being used in the same theatre by section rifleman, there are bound to be some interesting comparisons which will further the debate on these two calibers.
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  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Open ended flash devices are much more effective than any of the closed types.
    The snagging stories are in general a myth, while the possibility does exist, they don't really catch on the bush as much as the tales would have us believe.
  10. L85A2 has a pronged flash eliminator fitted on ops now, it has to be removed when you get back though as it's not compatible with the BFA.
  11. The flash eliminator is a Vortex Flash eliminator.

    This weapon will be a massive improvement to the section.

    As the training been designed to get the maximum benefit from this Weapon,Sight, Ammunition. As its only as good as the man behind it.

    I hope so otherwise it will become a new LSW except with no fully automatic burst capability and or a L115A3 to big to cart round the GZ.

    I have said this before sort the training out otherwise, blokes will be using this kit for the first time against Terry and missing the target.
  12. I thought this as well.
    just a general question - if it is going to be used as a long engagement weapon where others cant make the ground then why change some of the snipers and/or sharpshooters out there which can also make the shot? are they just spending money on a weapon for no specific advantage?

    also will it be one per three squads? how are they deploying them? :?

    sorry for the essay guys
  13. nope, a 7.62mm gets most of its velocity by 16 inch, you may loose a few hundred FPS, but it will still be super by 800m.

    the snagging storys are myth, they closed the flash hider from the original open one on AR15/M16's to a closed on the M16a1 because US troops were using them as crowbars to open metal strapped boxes (rations etc) and the vandals were forever breaking off the prongs.

    Barrels - the thicker and stiffer the tube the more accurate it is.
    - the longer a barrel is the more velocity you get,
    to a point of diminishing returns that is, not really worth having anything over 24 inch, extra weight for a tiny amout of extra FPS.
  14. ... how about because the current snipers/sharpshooters have bolt action rifles and can't manage a decent rate of fire.

    They are probably also a liability in a close-up fight (although this is of course conjecture on my part...)