L129 and the 'Short Stocking' Shooting Technique?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lost_Boy, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone here have any experience using the 'Short-Stock' shooting technique? It is apparently a method of CQB shooting where a relatively long weapon is not fired with the stock placed in the shoulder, but where the stock is rotated 90 degrees so it is horizontal rather than vertical and placed on and over the shoulder. This reduces the overall length of the weapon in close quarter environments, such as compound clearance.

    I ask as I have just been issued with an L129 which is similar in length and operation to the M16s used by the USMC who supposedly used this technique in the their MOUT operations. Would anyone who has shot like this be able to advise if it is an effective CQB/MUC technique?
  2. I have an article on the tecnique and its application as it relates to pumpaction shotties, I'll see if I can find it and scan for you if its of intrest
  3. I have not heard the phrase short stocking, but I have practiced shooting off a bungee or sling when the stock is collapsed or folded. It works well but does require practice to ensure that the sling is the correct tension or length. Basically you push the weapon away from the body using the sling looped around your back, pushing the weapon out against the tension. There are no exacts but the sling loop needs to be long enough to allow your arms to be extended. If using HDS ensure you have a proper sight picture and not just the target in the window, other wise it is easy to put a round into the ceiling. A gangster style forgrip makes the technique a little easier. Only tried it one MP5 & M4 it works but to be honest with most it's better to stick with what you know and go stock out.
  4. If that articles in an American mag sponsored by surefire I also have it. Same mag has the L129 being used with a 45 deg offset holographic sight. Very nice and looks a good CQB solution.
  5. I think it is I was sent a copy a couple of years back, seem to remember it was an ex mil guy teaching a mixed class of state & federal LEOs
  6. He's the SF dude from Blackhawk down. His name escapes me.
  7. Paul Howe, CSAT
  8. That's the chap. Guns n ammo is such a guilty pleasure!