L115. New accessories. Improved?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Das Mail seem to think the L118 is a new piece of kit - (I thought it had been on issue for some time) Presumably the A3 designation is due to the new accessories...

    Anyhow, In the illustration below the rifle seems to be fitted with one of those cheap nasty (and noisy) Harris bipods instead of the proper Accuracy International model. Please don't tell me that some bean counter decided to save a few quid by not going for the decent bipod.....


    Also, the suppressor seems to stick out rather a lot. A reflex suppressor would be the obvious choice - is this another cost saving or am I mistaken?

    Ah - wait, My worst fears confirmed:

    So the rifle is now six inches longer than it needs to be and is on a crappy bipod that clamps onto a sling swivel :roll: Unbe-fcukin-leviable.

    I'll look out for all those lovely slick AI Bipods on the second hand market.....

  2. I know these are UK legal - do AI sell them to civilians?
  3. 307

    307 War Hero

    My mate has recently been down to Warminster doing the conversion for the new LRR, apparently it is gucci as, there was a trials version of the old LRR with an even bigger supressor fitted, our snipes had it out in Afg.
  4. Yep - The UK agency is held by Sporting Services:


    Under the new NRA-MoD deal you might find it a bit more practical to have the 7.62 model.
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  6. Does that picture show that he has a pocket range finder in his groin? Talk about a multi tool unit he is packing there!
  7. The Reflex suppressor would only add aa couple of inches to the overall length:

    They're only £120 trade!
  8. You can get the scope for about £1000 trade.
  9. That bipod looks to be clamped onto the rail on the underside of the stock (same rail that the handstop clamps on). So no, it's not "clamping on to a sling swivel", sorry to dampen the rant.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Actually it seems quite expensive compared to the Unique Alpine, Erma SR100 and the new Brugger and Thomet APR - at least in Europe.
    Still want one though.....
  11. They appear to have made all the prices up. The ammo is a fraction of the cost they have stated.
  12. Well, there are good reasons why it keeps on winning competitions for sniper rifles around the world - about a dozen different countries now I believe.

    It even trounced the offerings of the home team manufacturers in both Germany and Sweden - now that takes some doing.

    Believe it or not the recent UK requirement was competed as well - but AI won it anyway.
  13. Yeah our guy's use several different varient's up to the .50 here (Ireland), hell even the US navy SEAL's use the new AS-50, that took some doing, beating out Barret who usually walk any big gun contracts like that in the US 8)

  14. Dingerr, they appear to be using the civvie price for .338LM. Brass at the moment is about £160 for 100. If anyone knows where they can get a new S&B PM11 5-25x for a grand I would be very interested. :D