L109A1 grenade test

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by simsky, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. I only got 4 correct answers for my grenade test, do you know if they will allow me to join?

    However, I passed all my other tests, 1.5 mile run and BART test.

    I can’t wait until Tuesday for them to tell me.
  2. Fark off!!! :D
  3. Hahaha I just shat my kecks!
  4. Hole

  5. There you go then career sorted

  6. grenade test??


  7. Ideally in the direction of the other chaps who are wearing different uniforms than you :soldier:
  8. Isn't it a bit dangerous to throw the pin away from you? What do you do with the grenade?
  9. You are without question an example of the need for better birth control!
  10. That will be a blind, unless you remove the safety clip first...RED ARRSE! :)
  11. I don't get it ! everyone says is a L109A1 .....is L109HE and the practice grenade is L1 11A1...say that in your test and is a wrong answer
  12. It used to be calld the HG85