L-Plates for the Navy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by notmesir, Jun 13, 2004.

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  1. "There was a minor collision," Pinocchio said on Saturday.
  2. "The Navy Plan"

    Only Captain grown-up enough to know plan. Everyone else sits at brightly coloured screen pretending to know what plan is. Captain goes to bed and other Officer, not knowing plan is 'not to sail on rocks', sails on rocks. New plan devised called "How to sell ship with no bottom to third world"

    Like you say, "whoops"
  3. Bet that fcuked their no-claims bonus. :lol: Wonder if either ship had a female watchkeeper........
  4. That is simply irrelevant!!!!
    ......unless one of the ships was reversing of course :oops: :lol:
  5. maybe the stealth technology works and they just cannot see one another
    Or are you sure they scrapped the rum ration?
  6. Mirror , signal, manou.....WHERE THE F**K DID THAT COME FROM :lol: :lol:
  7. Do they have indicators on ships these days? Maybe worthwhile investing in some :wink:
  8. i can feel a BBC series coming on , hosted by maureen from driving school
    called "things that should be really f**King hard to crash , but get crashed anyway"
    that's obviously a working title , and open to change.
  9. Du-Lai, they can't afford indicators. They've gone back to flags. The money saved's going in the piggy-bank to fund HMS Small and HMS Smaller Still, the two future carriers-with-no-aircraft. 8)
  10. Once heard a musician (not GQ) being slagged off by a punter for getting a note wrong. 'Thank you for your observation. Can you tell me how many notes I got right...cnut?'

    If the ships were doing Staff College Sea Days the incident probably occured during a light jackstay transfer where the ships are close up, side by side. Like RASing the RN/RFA do it all the time and get it right most of the time. The sea can have a mind of its own though. Scrapes happen but there is not always a grass on board to announce it to the world. Staff Courses include certain civilians and foreigners. Unethical journos add some spice to the story. 'Collision' or something less dramatic? No need for the police or to lose your no claims.

    I doubt if the Captains were playing chicken. Civvies will laugh and call the Navy 'inept' then go out and reverse the car into a tree that has been there for 100 years. Army and RAF will laugh at the Navy. We'd do the same - unless someone was killed.

    Bit of panel beating, lick of paint ( if there is enough money available) and they'll be ready to be laid up / sold. :roll:

    A red face but it's hardly HMS Nottingham. That was a collision.
  11. OOOOHHHH!!

    Touched a nerve there seadog? :p
  12. twicer wrote

    I was once on a ship that was newsworthy. I wasn't driving :wink: in fact the ship was in harbour and it was a good news story.

    One major newspaper got every detail wrong technical, personnel, ship's history. They even got the name of the harbour (geographical location) wrong. The ship was visible from outside the dockyard gate, so long as you are in the right town.

    So like the story of the Booties in Spain the other week, I'm only pisssed off at sensationalist reporting and inept unethical journos, not the ribbing from the Army and Crab Air.

    Carry on!
  13. Agreed seadog.....

    why let facts get in the way of a good story!
  14. Seadog, I refuse to believe that one of Britains upstanding newspapers would get their story so wrong. You wll be telling me next that they would publish unsubstantiated, obviously posed photos and try and pass them off as real. :twisted: