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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Over the last few weeks certain topics have been created that have been an embarrasment to the corps (and the site).
    Is their a way we can sort this? At the moment if someone creates a knob topic they get flamed, so we loose a member and the postings go onto another site (if their is one?).
    Maybe we could sort this out ? We wouldn't want the crap going elsewhere, don't want the forum moderated out of proportion and sometimes a good egg (tech-soz couldn't help it) gets off to a bad start.

    Any ideas?

    CPGuke has a members group on it, which give u a forum within a forum. I've tried it the past as 3 seperate messes didn't work that well cause I had to restrict membership to prevent unit getting into trouble but something like could work here.
  2. Polar,

    People tend to get flamed when they post bone for the sake of it, they tend to be fishing for a bite and dont want to participate in the site anyway. The majority of the tech bashing has been very much tongue in cheek, but when deserved people have gone to town.

    How would you administer a user group? Would you ask bow_man to do it or have an appointed mod? What would be the qualifying criteria for membership?

    Not a bad idea in itself but not sure if its workable on an open forum.

  3. After sleeping on it (and sobering up), I don't think their'd be an easy way to administer it. Whens the next tech upgrader starting :?:

    :twisted: :twisted:
  4. Couple of weeks, the're neally wiened now and are almost taking solids :wink:

  5. Nah let em get burned, I got burned for posting Arrse when i first started. Not that it stopped me like but at least now i think while i post. The bone topics tend to get buried and forgot about and the offenders get bored and go home for mummy to do their washing.

    And if it develops into tech baiting then let it, Lets be honest thats what the corps is for and why the tech trade was created. To let Boney attempt to abuse somebody far more intellegent than himself :twisted:
  6. One solution is to find out where they live and then set their hair on fire. However, there are a fair few flaws in that otherwise brilliant plan.

    I suppose we just let them humiliate theirselves in public and take the tempoary drop in Signal to Noise Ratio

  7. Ah bull, i would challenge you to a battle of wits, but i fear you would arrive unarmed :wink:

  8. Ah challenge accepted although I challenge you to a proper battle how do you fancy office chair jousting. Just had to think of something you could dop which wouldnt require the physical effort of standing up.
  9. Well BOWMAN could post a sticky with the Sigs FAQ or a "New to Arrse" but they tend to be ignored anyway so feck em, hit em hard or ignore that is the only way to deal with the new trolls/ignorant posters!

    Maybe we sould have another sticky saying Post about Berets/techs/Blandford in here only

    WoooOOOOOooT :twisted: :roll: