L or R handed

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Brew_Time, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Just interested who's left or right handed or who does what with what hand / foot etc.

    Could lead to some interesting if not funny answers, however, I'll start clean.

    Left handed

    Use a spoon
    Pick up a pint
    Throw a dart
    Use fork
    Use SLR (remember them)
    GPMG right shoulder - left eye

    Right Handed

    Use Mouse
    Wipe arse
    Use Scissors
    Use knife

    Left footed

    Kick ball
    Get on a bike.
    First foot on the stair
    First foot in a boot / shoe

    Right footed

    Fck all

    BT. :cyclopsani:


    Both hands

  2. Both hands

    Pummel Tony Blair's face, until I no longer have the strength to lift either hand
  3. i was watching a program a few weeks ago about twins and they were sayin that people who are left handed are usually one of a set of mirror image twins, and if your thinking well im left handed but i dont have a twin they said sometimes we lose one of the babies before we even know were pregnant.
  4. I give you the other option , not having any operational hands , ita a case of suck suck,suck suck ,blow... :)

  5. Did everything left handed until I started school (early 70's), made to write/taught, to use right hand, no wonder my handwriting is sh1te.
  6. rt hand:
    mouse, write, fire, fork, punch, pint, strum air guitar

    left hand:
    wank, hold a book (problem when wanking), hold brew, pick nose

    Haven't used them for anything other than wearing socks for 30yrs
  7. Almost EXACTLY the same except if I use scissors right handed it looks as though Freddy Kruger has been at whatever I'm trying to cut.

    And the left hand ONLY for self abuse. Right handed, I'd be frightened of breaking something off.
  8. Me the wife and the boy are cack handed so we have no scissors in our house.
    Most things as above although I wasnt allowed to use the smg left handed as in the trg sgts words "It's not designed for spastics" :scratch:
    Which was nice.
  9. Ambidextrous...although I favour my left hand in many things.