L/N Nery Bty (The Eagle troop)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by RED_ARSE, Aug 30, 2005.

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  1. Well the saga continues.

    Briefed today about another name change to the Battery.

    Apparently now the (Eagle Troop) name within the L/N title will be given i.e moved back to 3 RHA, as i understand to be given to their 4th TAC Group, some time in the near future.

    L/N Nery Bty (The Eagle Troop) now becomes L Nery Bty Tac Group.

    I would imagine the other Tac Group will become, N (The Eagle Troop) Tac Group.

    As i am aware for the old comrades out there, there will be no movement of personnel, its purely a name change.

    I toast the Battery in its current entirety. NNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Who's for the Guns!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Will be toasting the Bty on Thursday morning at breakfast
  3. Where does the silver and other property go?

    N battery was a rich battery. I know because I counted and valued the property enough times.

    Who will own the battery property?
  4. ahh L Bty, I remember them turning up in Belfast to take over all flushed in the belief that they were the first RA unit back into Belfast only to discover us flatties had beat them to it :D
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    The reason for this is simple, they want to allow the Btys from second to carry the rest ;-)) Joking aside its about time they stopped pissing around with these 2 fine titles.

    Was Palace Barracks (aka slipper city) really Belfast, I remember L recording some corker fines from there, a certain individual staying out overnight ahem, another individual deciding he didnt want his webbing anymore and let it drop out of his wagon, mags ammo the lot ha ha those were the days
  6. L Bty was based out of the Maze and patrolled East Belfast if memory serves, well that what we did when they took over, not sure if it changed mid tour. Not exactly Falls road but we had several contacts and day on day off incidents for the first couple of months at least (Thats what happens when you take over from paras it seems :roll:)

    L Bty took over from us in Jan 93 after being told that 2nd was the first RA unit into Belfast for x years only to find us lot attached to the Green Howards and beat them to it

    Sorry to all ex 2nd Field lads for the flattie jib, I mistakingly thought L Bty was part of 3 RHA, they of course were the unit that was supposed to be the first arty unit back into Belfast until the Bde commander said he wanted only infantry in the Ardoyne etc and moved the XIX up from Armagh, unknowly having us de-generates attached to the side like leeches :D He begrudingly allowed us to stay due to lack of numbers and we got a good report from 7 RIR whilst there which lead to the Brig to allow 2nd to play. Best tour of my life, after trudging round Bessbrook on my 2 previous tours it was great to get into the city and get a few decent incidents.

    As a side note I found my self back in Belfast working as a civi and low and behold they only sent me to work on the exact street i got shot at some 12 years before, hard to recognise it mind, the docks and Laganbank havechanged dramaticaly over the years

  7. Sorry fella's.

    I for one wish the powers above would stop FCUKING around with these two fine units. "Purely a name change, i dont think so.

    This poor administration of these units by the powers that be is shocking and has a rub off effect in others areas, for e.g L Bty on being formed into L Nery Tac Group suffered a horrendous amount of Ex's that nobody else wanted hence 6-7 Tes Ex's in about 7 months, thus earning the Bty the nickname "Rent a Tac".

    Earlier posters are right, what will happen to all the Silverware and history. I for one will be keeping a close eye on the whole affair. Thank god at present theres some gleaming blokes in charge within the Bty who will have to sort out, quite frankly this mess.

    Heres to L/N, a wonderful partnership wrecked by poor future planning by those within "Puzzle Palace"
  8. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    wherever they go the old comrades will be behind them
  9. Me and some Ex L/N were talking tonight and we reckon that the silver will go to 3rd (shame as I love the Eagle)
  10. Maybe I have missed something, but I thought L would stay with 1 RHA and N would go to 3rd herd, where the battery was before the last mucking about.

    The silver and property should properly be split as my guess is that most is either L or N and there can't be much from the L/N era. From memory, N had some very fine silver which ought to follow the battery.
  11. Yep your quite correct.

    Theres no change to personnel just a change to the name. This will enable 3RHA to give the honour title (N Bty (The Eagle Troop) to its 4th TAC GP.

    Ref Silverware + History, L Bty will obviously keep its pieces and i would imagine N's silver and history such as the Eagle will go back to 3rd to reside with the 4th TAC GP.

    Im unsure if there were any actual L/N Pieces created but im sure the split will be 50/50.

    EX BQMS you are correct the old comrades will always follow. It was i might add a pleasure to meet them all at various stages. Long may the affiliations continue.

    P.S Does anyone have any info on the next Nery day celebrations, last i heard it was up by Barnard Castle, run by an old boy, a Mr G F*ster
  12. There was no silver commisioned for L/N and apart from the odd L/N Bty photo no real property so there is no real drama when it comes to splitting the silver (Officers Mess will be Pssid as they love the Eagle - its the finest piece of silver the regt has).

    Gmonster does that mean they will be changing the pictorals in the mess?
  13. Most probably mate.

    Thats the Naafi Break table then, oh and there's the pictures. Oh and the flag that Heed (Eddy) got that took about 10 years to come that earnt him about 5 extras.

    I think its a sad day mate. Your correct as well they wont want to give up that Eagle in the mess ha ha ha.