L/Cpl Joe Glenton leading anti war march today in London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SOLO, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. Demonstrators are expected to gather at Speakers' Corner, in Hyde Park, from 1200 BST on Saturday.

    They will then march to Trafalgar Square where a rally will be held at about 1500 BST, with speakers including MP George Galloway and campaigner Tariq Ali.

    L/Cpl Glenton will also give a speech despite being advised not to do so by military commanders.

    Andrew Burgin, from the Stop the War Coalition, told the BBC News website: "He has just been told by his commanding officer that he should not enter the demonstration and he should not speak.

    Britain's own security is at risk if we again allow Afghanistan to become a safe haven for terrorists
    Ministry of Defence spokesman

    Soldier 'proud' of anti-war march
    Most 'remain against Afghan war'

    "He has decided to disobey those military orders."

    L/Cpl Glenton, based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, is facing a court martial in November for alleged desertion after going absent without leave in 2007.

    In an interview with BBC Radio York, L/Cpl Glenton's wife Claire said he was "proud" to be taking part in the march.


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  2. Already being done
  3. Let the can of worms open - Ding Ding! All aboard!
  4. The coward that is L/Cpl Glenton should surely be strongly persuaded not to join the anti-war event?.
  5. fcuking homo, just SNR him and watch the mong struggle in civvy st.
  6. LCpl Jason Statham's wife said she was so proud of her war dodging husband.

    Nice touch. I hope deep down just before she sleeps at night she realises that he is just a thieving coward who took the Queens gold coins with no intention of doing his sworn duty. His words are worthless!
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Wot,not the actor?...
  8. Oh Dearie... another illustrious military f*cked up D1ck-head....... Which is more noble.... to be known as a Deserter.... and screw up said career... or soldier on and at least see thing through... Same applied to many a Sodjier years ago in respect to tours in Norn Ire.... Nobody wanted to go there... but they did, meself included....

    What he don't realise, as don't many folks is that a Military Court Martal is a legally constituted Cort of law under the UK legal system...

    So the poor deluded sod will have to declare this on any employment applications he may make in the future.... especially if he tries to gain future employment in the Public Sector.... after he has done his 'Porridge'.

    Colchester... or a Civvie Nick...??

    Poor wee sap....!!! :x
  9. I want to know why he isn't in the Guardhouse nick?
  10. At least they can 252 him for disobeying a direct order.
  11. Yuman rites or some such old b0llox
  12. glad constable rain is going to be on patrol, kaftans and taffeta never very waterproof.....
  13. Shame he wasn't a Brigadier or above he couldve resigned and made the papers as a hero.
  14. and he expects what from appearing on news? should be extradited to a vast wasteland, fcuking coward :x :x
  15. There was nothing stopping him from resigning and doing what he liked. The cowardly deserter shite was happy enough taking cash from the Army until they asked him to go somewhere a bit dangerous and he suddenly decided that he didn't like being a soldier anymore.

    He should be up against a wall at dawn.