L/Cpl Beharry VC on lack of mental health provision

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Buttmaster General, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. BBC - Veteran mental health care a disgrace

  2. I will be interested to see the official reaction to this claim, which most of us would recognise as being valid. I am surprised he was authorised to get into such a discusion and I note from the whole article that the utterly useless political stooge Kevan Jones immediately stepped up to trot out the party line.
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    Hardly, he's as much a politcal lapdog as the incoming CGS.

    Someone would have told Beharry to do this because it's a real issue; so the media empathise with a real soldier, and not yet another politican or crusty General.
  4. Maybe, maybe not, but that said and done he's still got balls the size of a gym medicine ball and the badge to prove it!

    If, by him standing up to be counted yet again helps the lads n lasses in need then I would strongly suggest he needs our support rather than comments like that.
  5. Anyone who saw Pres. Obama's speach to the military yesterday will see that he recognises that post trauma injury treatment in the USA is a problem and that he said he would do something about it and significantly extend further the care available to veterans. (much applause from gathered GI's) You can be pretty sure that they won't be saying anything similar here unless they are embarrassed into it
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    What? Comments that look at the topic from a different angle? So we should just have one sided views and anyone who raises their own opinion is wrong?

    I never cited the issue was wrong, hence I wrote that 'it's a real issue'.

    I was responding to the other commentator who said that (1) "Will someone in media ops be getting a reaming on Monday morning?

    And (2) "Beharry shows his bravery once more in speaking out".

    Hardly...he's the Army's poster boy and as such will be told on what issues he can help get sounded out. It's not a criticism in anyway, good on him, but he hasn't just thought of this and done it off his own back, trust me.
  7. I understand your point but please note that you cause offence by referring to a Victoria Cross winner in that manner; it disrespects the institution. I am sure it is not your intent so please be more careful with your choice of words.
  8. Whether or not Beharry was prompted matters not, it needed to be said. How will the Liarbour spin machine respond? Their old M.O. was to rubbish the critic, not so easy with a VC. Mind you, it probably will not stop some sort of whispering campaign - old habits die hard.
  9. Yet ANOTHER who went to war for this country being totally let down by the same government that sent them!

    He is NOT alone, ask Combat Stress how many MORE they have seen since the start of GW2, ask CS how many PCT's / GP's are working WITH the individual and his / her family.

    According to SPVA the systems are in place to ensure all those who have served GET the Priority Treatments as detailed by the Dept of Health, nor do many PCT's / GP's know of the Military Assessment Programme run by a Dr. Ian Palmer out of St. Thomas's hospital in London. Where ANY GP can send the ex serviceman / woman to be assessed, Dr Palmer will then report back to the GP as to the best course of action / treatment / support.

    Those with Service / Combat Related Mental Health illnesses are being treated like Mushrooms, I hope they like the stink of the BullSh1te they are being fed!
  10. In what manner? An objective one? There's nothing derogatory said, it's objectional and a fair observation.

    Cause offence? Disrespect the institution? I'm assuming you mean to the British Army?

    I'd like to refer you to a

    Soldier biting the head off a live chicken

    Drunk British Squaddie crashes tanks

    British Soldiers Beat up Iraqi civilians

    Now lets get this right, I am a section commander in the british Army. I have served in Telic and Herrick. My views are not against the VC winner, are not against the issue of mental health problems. My past post states what I am trying to get at and I won't be told to "be more careful with your choice of words".

    If you want everything to favour a one sided discussion, move to China.
  11. Simple question from a civvy: what are the rules for a serving soldier talking to the press - at least in such a formal manner as Beharry VC has done?
  12. I have just started a charity up called Veterans International Aid to help ex service personnel adjust to civilian life after serving on operational duties.

    We are planning to take ex service personnel on adventurous expeditions to help them adjust by using the skills they learned in the Forces to help the people we come in contact with.

    L/Cpl Beharry's incident of fighting in the street is very common amongst ex service personnel. They feel isolated and unable to talk to civilians about their experiences and feel they don't fit into civilian life.

    They miss the camaraderie of the daily Forces life, the banter and the friendships.

    Even after leaving the Forces, we never really become civilians, just ex Forces. I was in the Army myself, and the Army take great pains in teaching you how not to be a civilian and to work as part of a team.

    They don't then teach you how to become a civilian at the end of your service.

    Many of the injured whether it be through battlefield injuries or normal rigours of the job injuries, have to leave the services early through no choice of their own.

    That leaves a massive void in their lives that they find hard to fill. The Forces are very social and everything revolves around doing things together.

    Once you take that structure away, they find it hard to fit in.

    This is what VIA intends to help with.

    We are planning our first expedition, which is an overland expedition around the coastline of Africa.

    We plan to leave at the end of 2010 depending on the funding we receive and political situations. We will leave the UK and travel through France and Spain, then cross to Morocco.

    From there we will follow the coastline, where possible down the west coast of Africa. Upon reaching Cameroon, we will team up with the charity Drive Against Malaria and help distribute mosquito nets in remote areas of the country.

    We will also be looking for other tasks to do on the way or arrange before we go.

    The idea of helping with aid work around the continent is to get our ex service personnel to help themselves by helping others.

    It's the kind of jobs that the British military used to do all the time but because of limited manpower and too many commitments, our forces get less chance to do these days.

    Our Forces accumulate so many skills during their service, most never use them again after leaving but it is such a waste as these skills can be used throughout the world to help others.

    L/Cpl Beharry would be the ideal person to be involved in our expedition and I hope this can be passed on to him.

    If anyone would like to contact me about VIA or the expedition you can email me on www.billymacleod@hotmail.com
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    Good work bmacl
  14. yet another govrnment screw up then, surely it's an issue that someone within the government or commons must be able to in some way relate to or know someone who has served and had to deal with the aftermath or operational service, I have friends in both UK and US military who have suffered mental health issues after deployment to Iraq and Afghan and full beleive they are not getting the treatment they deserve.