L/Bdr Parkinson to Lose Half Compensation

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Ben Parkinson has been told that he will lose half the compensation he was promised by MoD. Further his mother said in an interview that he is in danger of being kicked out of the army - denying him the MoD rehab process.

So, it looks like the MoD is going to renege on its agreements with wounded soldiers (can L/Bdr Parkinsons agreement be considered a contract) and is not even going to fulfill it's duty of care to give them complete access to the rehab process.

So much for the new Military Covenant

BBC News - Paratrooper Ben Parkinson's family to fight payout cut
Talked about on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning
BBC - BBC Radio 5 live Programmes - Victoria Derbyshire, 28/09/2011

MOD want to give him a medical discharge
Last broadcast today, 10:00 on BBC Radio 5 live.

The family of the most seriously wounded Allied soldier to survive fighting in Afghanistan say he's being let down by the Army - who're threatening him with a military discharge. Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, lost both legs, suffered brain damage and a broken back and spent four months in a coma after his Land Rover was ripped apart by an anti-tank mine in September 2006. Military discharge would mean Ben's family paying for all his medical care - which at the moment adds up to 30 hours a week.
yeah, heard about this a wk or so ago. for all the noise Dave & co made about signing the covenant into existance they seem to have very little regard for what they claim to champion. every time he looks earnestly concerned about anything to do with the armed forces (who he will go to great lengths to praise before explaining why they are being made redundant in a time of war) i want to kick him in his shiny forehead.

i just hope the guy gets the money he deserves and isnt affected by the £ cap some civil servant bean counter just pulled out of his arse.
Ben Parkinson has had his case aired in pretty much every major newspaper over last 2 weeks and quite rightly so with the MOD trying to cap his compensation at half the amount they have calculated it to be.... He sustained those wounds fighting for his country, he has earnt the right to be compensated for each and every one of them.

What I don't understand is the shock and moral outrage at the fact that he is being medically discharged. That has always been on the cards and always will be for any soldier who is too badly injured to soldier on. Thousands have been medically discharged before him and the same will probably be discharged after him in years to come. The only choice the MOD really have is deciding at what point is his medical treatment will be properly given on the NHS, bearing in mind any treatment for any injury caused by service will have a NHS priority label attached to it (what that is worth I don't know...)

Whatever happens to the lad, I wish him good luck and god speed in his continuing recovery

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