L/BDR BEN PARKINSON MBE. "An inspiration" says Prince Charles.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by baldcossack, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Flicking through the on line news just now I came across pictures of L/bdr Ben Parkinson receiving his MBE from Prince Charles who called him "an inspiration". He very certainly is. There's too much of David Beckham in the papers and not enough of Ben Parkinson.
    I felt humbled and inspired.
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  2. That didn't work did it?
  3. At the risk of embarrassing him I'll add Warrant Officer Ken Bellringer to the very short list of those that are truly inspirational. And his wife.
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  4. Never heard of the man............
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  5. Dingerr's gonna knock you out.

    Sorry, Dingerr MBE.
  6. You sound like a right miserable cnut, any tall buildings round your way you can walk off?
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  7. You wouldn't say that if you have met him :wink:
  8. You don't have to want to watch the ceremony to find guys like them inspiring. If the statement's predictable and it winds you up, maybe you're on the wrong site?
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  9. Any chance of a link- I haven't got a clue who you are on about. Information is power.
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  10. Couldn’t be happier, it's Friday and I have an eventful weekend planned. I enjoy watching & hearing about service personal getting the acknowledgment they deserve.

    Obviously you a David Becham fan, shame.
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  13. He's a thoroughly hard bastard. He deserves respect; not your homoerotic outpourings.

    Is there a thread with photos of kittens? That might be more your speed.

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