Kylie - Soon to be 44



I'd craw a mile naked over broken red hot glass to use her shit for toothpaste :)

*Thrap thrap thrap thrap thrap Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)


Friend of mine was her bodyguard for a while, he has only good things to say about her (and no, he did not do her).
In pictures next to him she is tiny, perv's dream.
I'd allow her to wear me out sexually I suppose, as long as there wasn't anything good on telly.:wink:
I tend to salivate at the mere mention of her name, drooling uncontronably now, not just from the mouth.
Sunglasses in the rain? -
they mean I'm a sleb and I don't want anyone to recognise me so I'll wear torn denim micro shorts which won't hide the cellulite,a leather jacket with a big red heart acrosss the chest a Ban the Bomb logo on the back and stupid boots so I look taller.
And despite the outfit I don't want to be photographed either.
She may be 44 but she is almost as well preserved as I am at 45. I think we would be a good match so, if anyone has her number, please tell her to give me a call. I'll make all her dreams come true (as long as all her dreams involve being shagged senseless 24/7 for the rest of her life).
She was wearing those shorts when I saw her a few weeks ago, wonder if they've been washed since


Sent from my iPhone using ARRSE so I should probably be working....
I would enjoy making love with her in the missionary position for the purposes of procreation.
I'd wear Kylie like a horses' feed-bag. Her legs over my shoulders, me lapping away like an over-excited and thirsty labrador puppy.

Only if she consented, obviously.
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