Kyle Style - Mong runs up huge phone bill, not his fault.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Judge Judy, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. He should have signed up to arrse and befriended a middle aged, nosey, cock hunter like the other lonely, head fucked dribblers that infest here.
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  2. Strange that you're here isn't it? Feck off braindeath!
  3. I ve developed my own theory ( might have posted it on here before) that you could eliminate 85% of the world population and no fucker would notice/care, this cunt is definately in that bracket.
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  4. That didn't take long, who is the "big boned" teaser of middle aged sad old men that you hold a candle to?
  5. You have PM!!
  6. Do you mean "carry a torch for"? You'll never attract the ladies if you can't say what you mean.
  7. "Her and the other girls had a nickname for me, I was so well-known there"

    It was nt "Gullible Cunt" was it?
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  8. Holding a candle to women has many effects, none of which result in them sleeping with you.
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  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Had a few 'faults' when I was an engineer for NTL/VM,someone in the household runs up a huge phone bill which is then blamed on a line fault.So I goes out,swaps out the circuits even tho I know the's fukk all wrong with the line......NTL refuse to lower the bill,so out I goes again to the same fault,same result...Happened a lot more when the was only dial up internet...and the was teenage boys in the house with the PC in their bedrooms!
  10. I totally sympathise with Kev. I do about 100,000 miles a year in my car or vans. I want my money back from Shell et al, cos if they d told me beforehand that it would cost 15 Grand in Juice, well, I mean, I would of stayed at home, I mean, like, I know its partly my fault, but I m on medication now, its not about Diesel, this is about my own personal health. I cant sleep at night cos of a nervous twitch, but you know, its partly my fault too, but these big companies ripping us poor people off, even though I share a tiny bit of blame , but they should of said first nauseum.

    45 yrs old? Fucking IQ of 45 the utter Loser.
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  11. £90k on Chatlines.............. He must have blisters the size of planets and a tissue mountain
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  12. I have absolutely zero sympathy for the guy.

    However, Vodafone should never have extended £90k of credit.

    Both parties need a good kicking.
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  13. Oi! I resemble that statement.

    There's something distinctly bovine about this story. Mobile companies give you a credit limit. Mine is about 100 quid. On the very rare occasions that I've spent that much on calls in a month, I can't make any more calls till I contact O2 and pay off the balance.

    I can't imagine anybody having a credit limit of £90k for calls.

    I know this sounds a bit far fetched, but do you thing The Mail could be talking bolleaux?
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