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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by WRAPJOBAGAIN, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. kwik fit do a 25 % off

    just show your ID card.

    as kwik fit do white fleet vehicles.
  2. Got 15% off at Salisbury today.

    every little helps :wink:
  3. Is this a nationwide discount?
  4. yes it is fella.
  5. I've just had a major service done on my car-bastards! Does it apply to everything (servicing, MOT's, tyres, brakepads etc) or just to a few things?
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Matelot - I've got one as well, it applies to everything related to servicing - so yes, oils, lubricants, brakepads, wipers, alternators, batteries - everything that needs routine replacement. It also gives discounts on all tools, including the Halfords Professional range, which is as good as Snap-On IMHO, and comes with the same lifetime guarantee.

    What is NOT covered is things like car stereo's, polish/car shampoo/bicycles, etc.

    Ask for a Halfords Trade card at the service desk, getting your MOD90 out. The discount actually depends on what you are buying, and varies from 15% to up to 45% on some items.
  7. Eh? I'm confused (not difficult really). Do you get a discount in Halfords as well as Kwik-Fit? :?
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Erm...... probably! Sorry, my brain obviously tripped off there for a minute! :oops:

    Kwik-fit discount not tried, so can't say. Halfords Trade cards however, are a good thing to have, all you need is a MOD90 and (if they ask about your trade) explain that you use a spanner at least once a week.

    My apologies!

  9. Cheers for that :thumright:

    I'm off to Halfords tomorrow then :D

    *thinks about making inappropriate joke about King Dick Spanners*
  10. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Matelot - Do not sully yourself by becoming a....... stoker.... even for a discount. Man up and pay full cost.

    Remember you are Warfare.

    But should it work do let me know.
  11. Not here to p1sh on anyones fireworks, and by all means get discounts and discount cards if you they are available.

    I have been a Kwik-Fit customer on and off for some years and have had some good results, (like when it took them 3 attempts to source the right parts and as I'd had to wait around most of the day, I doubt if what I paid covered the labour charge let alone parts).

    I recommend that you do shop around. As a Kwik-Fit "lover" I was on the point of sorting out 2 tyres so the car would pass it's MOT. Happened to check the outfit next door, Hi-Q. Kwik-Fit £154, Hi-Q £112, more than £25% off. God knows what my local Ford dealer would have stuck me for. And I didn't have some pushy Jock phoning me after to see if I was delighted, (and trying to push other Kwik-Fit stuff).
  12. I know what you're getting at Trevor however they (and Nationwide Autocentres) are handy when it comes to servicing and MOT's and I'll take any discount going.

    I never buy tyres from Kwik-Fit-I always go to or
  13. Oh dear, Nationwide Autocentres.

    I had one of my firm’s cars a few years back, (late 90’s), which was “managed” by a fleet management outfit called PHH. (Which is my fault but that’s another rather long and irrelevant story), I think they are called Arval now. You had to go to someone on their list for servicing and breakdowns. The nearest one to me at the time being the Nationwide Autocentre at Birbeck near Beckenham in Kent. I don’t know what the score is now, but at that time, the RAC had been bought out by the same firm who owned Nationwide Autocentres. What was happening when people broke down or had problems was the RAC would turn out, can’t fix it here, (they had been told not to try too hard), and then “I need to take you to somewhere that can”. (As in they are instructed to recover you to the nearest Nationwide Autocentre).

    So in my innocence I’ve booked the firms car in for servicing, and gone to pick it up next day. There’s a fair queue of people in front who aren’t happy. Like one distraught mum who’s found that they’ve sorted out the problem with her Peugeot 405, that the RAC have towed in, she came in with, but she’s no longer got any brakes at all. “Yes, Dave here will do a quick test drive round the block”, confirms this. Foreman didn’t really have an answer as to how he would feel if his kids were in such a car, as this ladies had been.

    You carry on mate, if it works for you do it. I belong to various organisations who let me know via the pile of crap they regularly post to me that I can get 15% off X, Y and Z at Nationwide Autocentres, (which will get me in the door).

    They may well be absolutely wonderful now, and granted there was nothing wrong with the firm’s car when I got it back, but I still don’t feel the urge to take my own car in there.

    Tell whoever you end up with, that the bloke down the road has quoted you less, I bet anyone worth their salt will at least try and match it if not beat it.

    But if you aren’t happy after, give them hell.
  14. My experience with Kwik-fit is that they're not necessarily the cheapest (though if they're offering 25% discount, I may change my mind about this, I need to check.. ), but they've always been able to sort things out at short notice.

    I followed the link for blackcircles (having found that, for my size of tyres, they're cheaper than etyres) and found two fitting centres nearby. Somewhat surprisingly, one of them is the garage that I use frequently (Formula 1). They may not do Forces discount (I've tried, although the local branch does sponsor QLR - not a local regiment, but the manager has a friend who... etc), but they offer discount vouchers on the web.

    They also have a price promise, offering to beat any local trader by 10%.

    A bit more delving shows that if you deal with them directly, their price for a tyre is, indeed, 10% cheaper than blackcircles for the same tyre. Add in the vouchers and you could be looking at another couple of quid off.

    It looks as though I'm already a loyal customer of the dealer offering some of the better deals in the area.

    I've run an e-check and F1 beat Kwik-fit, even with their 25% discount.

    Looks like they're keeping their custom.
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