Kwik Fit Discount

Read in this forum that Kwik Fit do a 25% discount for armed forces. I was thinking of getting my tyres done there and phoned their customer services. They told me they don't do a discount.

Has anyone had any experience of this discount or know any different?
Have you looked in the forces discount book? It will be in there if it's genuine.
Have not used Kwik Fit since they told me i needed 5 new tyres.
And that my spare space wheel was illegal & by law i had to have 5 tyres all the same size!!
Went to ATS/Euromaster who told me all i needed was 1 tyre!!!!


They told me that I needed a new suspension and a new exhaust and I only went in there to get a puncture repaired. As an after thought they then went on to tell me that your suspension should always be replaced every 36,000 miles. Funny how it passed it's MoT without the work being done.
Does anyone know where I can get winter tyres in the UK? I'm pretty sure it would be cheaper buying them with VAT than in Germany minus mwst. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Holy thread revival ! , that said its best to avoid ATS and Kwik fit then you`ll save around 75% , forces discount or not. Use your local independent.
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Regardless, avoid Kwikfit like the proverbial - absolute charlatans, the lot of 'em.


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Stand clear, charging, wait


shock administered. Thread revived.