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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Adamk1976, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Im on the course in about 3 weeks!!!!! Any advice on what to take, expect etc.

  2. Hi

    Im on KGVI in just under two weeks, cant give a huge amount of advice as i am awaiting my joining instructions. My understanding is the course is mainly about basic fieldcraft and the orders process so mabye a model kit and webbing.

    The dress code will be much the same as the AI's course so jacket and tie in the evening, and smarts for the mess meal.

    If your on the course starting the 16/09 i will see you there.
  3. Yeah. The thing is that I didnt do the Basic course (was serving regular and got dispensation). My GF just come off the basic course and I was totally familier with all the stuff she covered, so just wanna perform well.

    Yeah I'll see you there lol
  4. model kit good idea, OG Webbing can be drawn from stores at frimley

    you will probably find that most evenings you wont have time to get changed and will be in the mess in uniform having just returned from the field on ex so dont worry about too many civy shirts, would take 3 or 4 sets of kit if you have them as if its wet they are going to be wet and muddy every day and yup some smarts for the dinner night

    if youve got the orders process down to pat you will be fine on the course, and yup its mostly about fieldcraft with some other lectures in between
  5. Excellent advice, this. I'd only add: don't forget to take your manuals, and revise EASPs & exercise instructions. A laptop & printer per syndicate help save time but are not strictly needed.
  6. Does anyone have a PDF copy of the manuals?
  7. you used to be able to download them from the ACF website, but it's all been updated and i can't find the links now :cry:

    make sure you're well versed on orders and leading a section (particularly important if your an AI) exercise planning, field demonstrations and command tasks (mainly given to officers if there are enough on the course)

    above all listen to the instructors there, they are really clued up on everything (especially the little welsh fella :D )and they really do revive the spirit
  8. I'm on the said course coming up. I got a letter on monday saying there will be no dinner night so no need to take mess kit(not that i have that anyway).

    I will be brining along my laptop and printer so will be all to happy to help print anything for every one. Also i will be bring plenty of blank cd's if people want me to burn anything for them?

    there is a course time table on armycadetforce.com i will see if i can get a link and post it.
  9. KGV1 course is a good course and can be hard work if not prepared before hand.

    Take spare 95 kit and goretex in case of bad weather, take full webbing not SAA order, include cam cream, jungle hat, and spare boots for the field.
    Although the field parts are only brief, you can get a bit mucky.

    Also be up to speed on the orders process, i.e receiving, preparing and giving full orders not quick battle orders.

    Be up to speed on the duties of a section I\C and 2 I\C as you may get one of these duties on the early part of the week exercise bits, near Minley manor.

    Thats about it really, and enjoy it!
  10. I really enjoyed my KGVI course - you're likely to get one command appointment during the week, but they watch you as members of the section and how you work together as well. Sounds obvious but there are some jack people that don't put the effort in. This particularly counts for the last exercise on the thurs or fri.

    Model Kit very useful as are your own orders crib sheets apart from all the standard fieldcraft kit. You will be extracting orders at a quick pace so you must know the process thoroughly before you start or it will be more difficult than it needs to. Laptop and printer was invaluable - if you already have EASPs, Ex instructions etc prepared then take them and adjust them to what they teach - this means more bar time!!

    Above all put your best effort in -there is a bit of running about for the section attack phase but it doesn't go on for that long. Instructors really know what they are chatting about and are a good laugh as well, so enjoy!!
  11. I enjoyed my KGVI myself, I did make one mistake and that was going on the lash bigtime on the first night. My Friend and I consuming large Quantites of 'Frimley Port'.
    The next morning whilst doing Section attacks everytime i got into a fire position I puked my Guts up black sick! it put me off drinking until the dinner night!
    Talking of the Dinner night our Guest of Honour was none other than the CGS Sir Charles Guthrie, This was shortly after Kosovo, He gave quite a Good speech praising the lads efforts to the hilt, As an aside he told us that the French thought we could never put that many bodies on the Ground at the time and we Rubbed thier noses in it when we did....