Kurd leader named Iraq president

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. Another step along the road to democracy

    Iraq elects new president
  2. Did everyone miss this?

    It is quite a large step along the road to recovery (and ultimately the withdrawl of the troops)

  3. Possibly because it won't make any difference?

    I'm sorry to sound cynical, but this is a caretaker governement, they'll be arguing the toss until December, and we will still be there 10 years hence.
  4. Oh you big old fart! :wink:

    I prefer to look on it with slightly more optomism. I think its a huge step forward when a Kurd can be named as the President (all be it interim) of Iraq, when they have been do widely persecuted by the past govts.

    The next battle is to see who gets control of the oil ministry. (although im sure the spams have a finger in that pie already!)
  5. Wanna put a tenner on it PTP?

    What? You cynical? Never! 8)
  6. What's the betting on him "taking one for the team" when he gets slaughtered in a car bomb attack?
  7. Probablly quite high considering the fanatical hatred of the kurds by some of the radical sunni and shias! 8O
  8. Probably quite high, considering a lot of the Iraqi population put Kurds in the same category as the Sun puts Gypsies.

    I hope he's got a nice bullet proof Office/Car/Bed. I don't imagine Turkey are overly chuffed either.

    Are we still picking up Turkish SF teams 'temporairily uncertain of their positions' ?