kung foo bear

8O :twisted: :twisted:
Anya1982 said:

Old advert but still cracks me up
I'm not being funny and really aren't trying to dig you out, but everything you've posted up today is really old. You're also posting links on multiple threads when one thread for all your video links would do.

Please don't think you're the only person on the net to look at other sites, your multiple postings are sending interesting stuff further down the board.

A kind request. Please stop it.
I made all of 3 postings on here so how can i be pushing stuff off? other threads seem to be bashing people, and next time please say this in PM and not waste other peoples "comments" to fall off
They're all video clips. You posted a thread under the title "Intruiging video clips" and could have added the bear advert (First e-mailed round the world in 2001 :roll: ) on there.

Instead, yet another thread of yours, means one more of someone elses drops off the first page.

Please don't turn this into a slanging match, Anya. There are enough people on here that think you're a complete dullard as it is. I'm trying, politlely to help you out, here.

Think quality over quantity, my dear... :wink:

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