Kukris and best buys

emergency situations it can also be used as a last ditch weapon , and this was demonstrated in a much publicised action in Iraq by a British Special Ops operative recently . He was with some Iraq friendlies manning an OP when they were attacked by ISIS Insurgents . Most of the team were either killed or badly wounded and the situation was getting out of control . It came to the point where the SF Operative ran out of ammunition and was very near being overpowered and captured , it was then that he pulled out his kukri he had been given by a Gurkha soldier and actually killed three enemy , seriously wounded several others , causing the rest to withdraw . If that does not prove the necessity of carrying such a back up weapon , then what does ?

One man slotted 3 enemy insurgents, seriously wounded several others and caused the others to withdraw....

He must have had some serious war cry/face