Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cuddles, Jun 26, 2005.

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  1. Many years ago, in Belize, I was given a khukri by some guys from 7GR. When I left the Army I gave it to an American officer, who was more excited about it than I could have imagined ever being...

    However now I am feeling "giver's remorse" and would dearly like to buy one, for my predictably militarily decorated study/ home office. I have looked on the internet and there is a site called Khukuri House in Nepal - which seems a good source. Does anyone have any information on KH or perhaps the identity of the best source for a good quality piece?

    I don't want to pay a fortune but I am also not looking for something ropey. :roll:
  2. Hi Cuddles,

    I bought my Service No. 1 at the Khukuri House some years ago.

    This company is the official issuer for khukuri-knifes and they sell real quality. I purchased a "original" from India before which was more expensive and had poor quality.

    Khukuri house is a good choice.
    My Service No.1 came with scabbard, the two additional small knives, a wodden presentation stand and a small manual. Real good steel, black horn handle, well balanced knife.

    Cheers and Ayo Ghorkhali !
  3. As Mobile_Infantry said Khukri House is the official issuer of Khukris. My dad worked over in Nepal for a while a couple of years back and was given an issue Khukri from a Gurkha while he was there to take home. He was told that Khukri House was by far the best place to buy them and that they were the only place that did proper solid knives unlike some of the shoddy tourist copies you get out there. I think i may still have a brochure from Khukri House somewhere if your interested.
  4. We have a shop here in Chiang Mai that hand makes knives, Khukri's are in the range they turn out.
    When I was in Brunei ar' Gurks said Brit made ones where the quality item. Modern steel against a backyard job.
  5. Two "big ups" for khukuri House...any idea on price. Dollar prices quoted on web-site seem absolutely breath-takingly low...$29 for "original" pattern!
  6. i have just ordered a set from kukri house, you can order in sterlings as well.

    it should get here in 10 days time, well let you guys know when i receive it.
  7. I've just had a look at that site. I think if Mrs Lairdx allows it I will treat myself.
  8. right lads since my last post on this subject.
    i have received my 2 Kukuries today
    the order process seemed to include a Panajwal knife automatically to the Service number 1 ordered but for £60 or so equivilant which also includes postage , i am quite happy with it

    the top one is Service no1 kukuri as issued to all Gurkha soldiers

    bottom one is a Panajwal kukuri which is an everyday knife

    the quality of the blade is good , nice weight and has a quality feel about it , the 2 small knives is a nice touch and both scabbard has a belt loop , the paper the knives are resting on is Nepalese "Lokta" paper
    no presentation stand however that cost extra and i didnt want one as i make one up.
    7 days delivey time is quite good
  9. There are two different types of kukri, the standard paschime from Western Nepal and the longer thinner sirupate from Eastern Nepal.

    Given the chance I would go for a sirupate every time.
  10. Better sell that dodgy claymore first Lairdy or Mrs L may be purchasing traditional Bulgaran castrating knife by return postage!
  11. whats the advantage of a sirupate over a paschime, which i assume refers to the type as issued to the Gurkhas ?