Kukri Identification

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kiltedrunner, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Was given this a good 10 years ago my a family member in the R.A.F who got it from a serving Gurkha and have always been curious as to what it was used for. Its not sharp and has etchings on the lower part of the blade so would suggest ceremonial but thats about all I can figure out! Any ideas?

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  2. Looks like a 'ceremonial' piece of tourist tat.
    My dad used to have one very similar, but his came from a car boot sale...
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  3. It does not look like an issued one. What length is it?
  4. I saw one of those about 20 years a go, it was in one of those cheap antique shops.
    Going for about £20 or less.
  5. The blades just shy of 12 inches and the handle about 4. As you can see from the photos its finished pretty nicely apart from the odd bit of rust that has gathered through the years. Just had a closer look and the tang is riveted over the pommel and the two silver bits on the handle look like pins that go all the way through, not something id expect from tourist tatt
  6. I don't know! You and penises and swords and length - whats it all about:grin:
  7. Good to know i havent been sitting on an heirloom piece! Not planing on selling it, just curious
  8. The handle is a bit thin for a working Kukri but the scabbard isnt highly polished as a presentation one would be.

    I wouldnt go as far as to call it tourist tat but Im afraid that these used to be mass produced (by hand) in their thousands with dozens of variations.
  9. I might have just seen a cheap one, just going by it being blunt and the rust marks on it. Looks the same though.
    I've got a feeling it was more like 25 years.
  10. Call that a kukri?
    This is a kukri......

  11. I think he's just a small soldier. :)
  12. I knew them there Gurkas were small fellas but he's tiny isn't he bless him. Hot wash?
  13. Where did they get a uniform that small.
  14. I did hear a rumour once that Gurkas had big choppers. :)
  15. At first look was sure he was a figurine of some sort. Not that id call him short to his face, would have my balls cut before i could blink.

    General consensus is its nothing special then? Still, if its not ceremonial, a usable weapon, or tat, why did they mass produce them?? Just a pretty looking mantelpiece jobby?