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Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Rarden_reaper, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this sounds tad waltish. But does johnny carry his own kukri into service or do they get issued one from their regiment?
  2. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    In the Indian Army, he is issued one.
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    They are issued a with a Service No.1 Kukhri which I've heard referred to as "GD kukhri" because it's used for 'General Duties, i.e. on parade or on duty. The Service no.1 is issued to all British Gurkha soldiers on enlistment and they retain it throughout their army career. Don't know if this still happens, but the blade used to be inscribed with recruitment date of each soldier.

    The second knife issued to Gurkha Soldiers is the Service Ceremonial. The scabbard is made of best leather and given a high shine finish and is, like the name suggests, used for ceremonial parades etc.
  4. I heard a story that we started issuing Khukris because back in the day, the Gurkhas would use their family Khukris and would be oliged to recover them after throwing them, therefore leading to casualties...

    Could be an Urban Myth, but its a good story!
  5. I don't think the Khukri was ever meant to be used as a throwing knife so that would appear to be amyth.
  6. That's all very well about the ceremonial kukri. What about a fighting one though?
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Er ... that would be the GD or Service No.1 Kukhri as per post above. The Service Ceremonial kukhri is a separate one, also issued to all Gurkhas. There is also the 'jungle kukhri' which is the same 25.5cm blade, but with the buffalo horn handle and leather scabbard, unpolished. A lot of lads used to cover the scabbard in OG or DPM tape.

    Praetorian, the kukhri is not a throwing weapon, despite its casual resemblance of its edge geometry to a boomerang/B2 Bomber. You'd be more effective hurling a brick. As a hacking tool it is ideal however.
  8. Oh right of course!
  9. we get issued one after joining the army.But its a common tool that we use day to day at home slaying animals. Its issued in Nepal after Gurkhas get recruitedin British army there,not in uk.