Kudos to The Anointed One for Donation to Military Charity

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. The PC brigade over here would have a fit if we had a charity named "United Negro College Fund" !
  2. Over here, "PC" runs in only one direction, just like other code words like "diversity" and "social justice." By definition of our ruling elites, there is simply no racism or discrimination emanating from any minority group and they are free to use whatever terms they like to describe themselves of others.

    Such things like these:



    Linky to Video of Voter Intimidation [This is the way the US Justice Department dealt with this clear intimidation of voters in violation of federal law: Linky]

    are but figments of the evil white man's prejudice or "merely" rational and understandable reactions to the unspeakable evil Whitey continues to perpetuate against every minority in Amerika.
  3. Obozo the Flap-Eared Clown doesn't get any love from me for doing what he's supposed to do. :evil: He knew he had done nothing to earn the Nobel prize that the loony lefty Norskies had presented him with so he knew he had to present the cash award to charity or risk major political consequences. :evil: Not even His most devoted disciples would have been able to stomach him accepting the honor and keeping the cash. That would have made him no better than Uncle Bob Mugabe. :evil:

  4. There is one. Well almost. They're trying to find a cure for the abnormal enlargement of the patella, which afflicts one in every 2.5 billion folks. It's called the United Knee-grow Fund. Here's the website:


    Mind you, fair play to Mr Obama for donating the dosh.

  5. Bugs--I am just now recovering my composure from a laughing fit you have caused--good drills.
  6. Well I was just trying to be "fair and balanced." One does wonder as to where the money would have gone (perhaps more designer trainers or handbags for Her) were it not for the outcry (even from some left of center) when he was elevated to even loftier status with the Nobel to the amazement of most of the world and disgust of some.
  7. Maybe, but we do have this The Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) http://www.bapagmp.co.uk/