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A mate of mine is trying to find out info about his Grandad who 2nd Bn KRRC in May 1940 and was captured at Calais and spent 5 years as a POW in various locations. He's got his service number etc but is not sure where their records office now is, I think they were amalgamated with the RGJ but not sure, any info much appreciated or a pointer in the right direction.
30 Bde (not 29) was commanded by Brigadier Claude Nicholson, uncle of Baroness Emma Nicholson MEP.

A Regimentally-approved account is being written up by a former RGJ officer at the moment and an abridged version might be available either through the RGJ museum at Winchester or the Oxf & Bucks Museum at Oxford; he has made a number of new discoveries based upon German records which fix certain events in the chronology of the battle. Neave's book is a little chronologically flawed but that wasn't his fault, much of the info now surfacing just wasn't around when he wrote his book and he only experienced a very narrow path through the battle.

Some modern accounts and guides are no more than a re-hash of the three or four books written on Calais in the twenty years after the beware.


Gave them the Last out First in claim! A tough battle by all accounts and the tank lads had it rough as well. If you do a booze cruise you can bimble round the forts and monuments for a good idea of how crap it must have been in 1940!


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You are right it was 30 Bde. My apologies.

jonny956 said:

You are right it was 30 Bde. My apologies.


Heavens! No apologies are in order at all.
This battle is often overlooked; any airing reminds those old & bold who were there that they aren't forgotten.


Had the good fortune several years ago to meet a KRRC Calais veteran who shared the same surname as my family (not a common surname either). Turned out he was a Barnardos boy who ended up in the army. He did however know that his familly came from the same area of London that mine originates from. My dad also reckoned he was a deadringer of my great uncle but that's another story.
Arthur told of how he had been in the KRRC for several years until leaving in approx 1936. He was then recalled in 38/39 took part in the defence of Calais and then spent 5 years as a POW. Sadly this facinating man died shortly after my father had made contact with him.


I think his service record should be available from the army records office in Glasgow provided his permission is available and he gives permission (if passed away it must be NOK who gives permission)

All records after 1922 are still held there. I think it's thirty squids and takes fecking months for them to send it but might be worth obtaining if your buddy is serious in his research.



A bit late I know but I have all the war diaries and all of the personal accounts from officers like Lt Col Miller, Major Allen, Major Timpson, Brigadier Nicholson and Colonel Holland that are held at the National Archives. In fact not wishing to boast (too much) I have virtually all of the BEF war diaries, personal accounts and missing men files held at the National Archives.

Get your friend to contact me by email using my user name if he needs anything BEF related

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