Kriss Donald murder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dammatt, Nov 6, 2006.

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    I imagine we all remember the Stephen Lawrence case, the Daminola Taylor case, and the Anthony Walker case - which were spashed across our screens nightly. Terrible murders.

    However the worst ever racist murder in this country was of Kriss Donald, and the (second) trial in this case has been on for the last few weeks.

    27th Oct

    3rd Nov

    Strange, but in London I have not heard anything about this case in the media, including the BBC and the good old 'Daily Rant'.

    What happened here? - is Glasgow on another planet? - did someone slap a 'D' notice on the trial??

  2. Is that not because he was a Jock and they are now the enemy of the London chattering classes (e.g. See Boris Moron's tedious weekly anti Jock sentiment in the Torygraph).

    You know the stuff - Repeated here and elsewhere. (e,g, Barnett formula, WLQ, ungrateful, 1966 etc.).
  3. You mean such articles as this or this.

    But perhaps You are referring only to newspaper articles, and so I refer You to this or this

    I think You may be mistaken

  4. I seem to remember that Stephen Lawrence and Anthony Walker were front page news for weeks on end, with double centerspread in-depth reports on the family and the 'community' and editorial analysis of the ramifications, plus lead items on the BBC for ten days straight and a 2 hour live coverage of one of the funerals.

    In comparison, Kriss Donald has a mention at the beginning of the case on page 6 of the Gurardian and Mirror (and Times), none of which mention the severity of the assault and none mention that this was a racist attack.

    Try these searches on the BBC site, and note the number of pages of 'hits' for each name.

    Stephen Lawrence 217 pages of 'hits'
    search result

    Anthony Walter 116 pages of 'hits'
    search result

    Kriss Donald 8 pages of 'hits'
    search result

    (The result totals change for some reason, so it is worth trying more than once)

    And Kriss Donald's case was, of course, the worst racist killing the country has ever witnessed. Please also bear in mind that the Donald case has already been to trial once, and a conviction of murder already secured, and so the number of 'hits' should be comparable to the other cases. So why the vast difference in search totals?

    One life worth more than another?

  5. We get plenty of reports in papers, TV and radio up here so it is being reported. I think your problem is not one of suppressing the news rather editors of news media in England are some what Anglo centric and stuff that happens up here is of little interest unless it involves and Englishman. This clearly didn't so in England it is non news.

  6. The "worst racist killing"? Surely that's a subjective assessment. In what way was it worse than any other racist murder?

    The Damilola Taylor case doesn't count, as it was just an inner city couple of thugs killing a child, not a racist attack.
  7. Of course such things are subjective, but this boy was tortured for some hours before being killed.

  8. If it was not a murder then why are three people currently being tried for his racially agravated murder?

  9. .

    Since you like the Guardian's reports so much, here is a comparison of searches in that newspaper.

    Guardian results:
    Stephen Lawrence 2571 search 'hits'

    Anthony Walker 572 search 'hits'

    Kriss Donald 16 search 'hits'

    And for comparison, here is your Mirror newspaper.
    Stephen Lawrence over 100 search 'hits'

    Anthony Walker 100 search 'hits'
    (you will note a lot of secondary references in these reports)

    Kriss Donald 2 search 'hits'

    Again, there is a great disparity, but what is the difference between these cases? What is the factor that makes the murder of Stephen Lawrence more reportable than that of Kriss Donald? - even when the latter was a more premeditated and grusome murder.

    Are all the newspaper and TV news teams institutionally racist?
    If not, who controls the media so tightly that there is a blanket news blackout (sic) on the Donald case?
    How is it that even the Daily Rant does not put the Donald case on its front page?

    Is our media more controlled than the old Soviet TASS, that we all used to take the Michael out of?
    Are we no more 'free' than the gullible pawns of the old USSR?
    Have we succumbed to the despotic evils of the Thought Police, that we fought so hard to eradicate in Eastern Europe? If so, just what was the Cold War for?

  10. What was the background?

    I wouldn't dare suggest that there would ever be a 'good' reason for committing such acts but did they pick him randomly off the street as the 'next white guy' (in pure racist style) or did he attract their attentions in some other way?

    I guess what I'm saying is: Is it not possible that this is an extremely violent murder that happens to be 'black' on white?
  11. Have you been drinking sir?
  12. As I have pointed out it is very widely covered in Scotland, to the point of being boring, it is in every papaer, every radio news broadcast, every TV news bulletin, the problem is for the English, the Anglo centric media do not care about what happens here so you get little or no coverage. You must remeber that even the big English newspaper names publish Scottish editions now and they have all got the gory details but deem that reporting it in England does little for their circulation. B*gger all to do with the PC problems you allude to, more to the anti Scots attitude in England.

  13. It was random - wrong place, wrong time - and most of all wrong colour.

    Howver the thing about the Lawrence murder in terms of amount of coverage is not the actual murder itself but the aftermath of murky goings on and the total failure to convict anyone when it was fairly f***ing obvious who had done it.

    Kriss's family did not want him to be made some sort of figurehead or case study so I suggest you don't.

  14. No it is not 'just a murder'. This was a deliberate, unprovoked, racist murder, as was decisively proven in the first trial (why do you not know about the first trial, eh?) See how tight the censorship was, and is.

    Apparently the accused had been in a fracass the previous night with other individuals, and were simply looking for a 'white' to kill.

    This is another reason for this being the worst racist murder ever, as it was so premeditated. Other murders, that we have all heard about, could well have been 'heat of the moment' murders (or even drug-dealing disputes). The Donald case was premeditated random racism, and so it is even more surprising that this particular case should be absent from all of our media outlets.

    Either all of our media is institutionally racist, or we are living under blanket of controlled propoganda.

  15. Not quite a 'random' murder. The gang who perpetrated this hideous crime chose him to punish because the previous night, prat of Chris' gang assaulted members of or stole property from the asian gang. Does not excuse their brutual torture and murder of what is still essentially a child.