Kriss Akabusi sex stories

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Greengrass, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if any one else has come across these before I didn’t write them but found them funny and more than slightly arousing.

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  5. Surprised he found the energy to do all that what with his hurdling exploits and everything!
  6. Classic!!
  7. Tell me about i make me sick that i used to be aloud to watch him on a question of sport when he was up to all that.
  9. Brilliant
  10. Cracking story :lol:

  11. :clap: MORE MORE MORE
  12. My stomach muscles hurt.

    Jesus, those really are the funniest things I've read/heard/seen this year.
  13. Stop it, stop it. i can't produce any more gentlemans relish.
    Sore pen15
  14. Kriss isn't actually that well endowed. Back in 86, Kriss and I DP'ed "The Horse" after a night in The Rat Pit. I was in pole position all the way, and could feel his meaty glans nudging the underside of my bobbys. Having said that, he does have knackers like a stud hippo, and to watch him unload a pint and a half of steaming spuff across a birds norks makes you realise that there is a god, and he's probably black.