Kriss Akabusi - data telegraphist

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Climber, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. kriss Akabusi was a data telegraphist in the signals before he went PT corps. I know the trades have all changed now but what was data telegraphist - what did it involve? and what is it equivalent to now (ish) ?

    Any help appreciated!!
  2. Is that Army Speak for "He was stagging on the Fax machine"?
  3. Probably better qualified people than me to reply to this, but DTG's from my experience stagged on over teleprinters linked into various comms systems eg radios or commcen kit. Renamed the RSOp or Radio Systems Operator I think.
  4. I was a DTG for 10 years before i went geek. We were primarily Commcen Operators - which generally involved working with alot of women stamping pieces of paper. We would occasionally venture towards the fax machine, but as a "b" trade, it was usually considered to be above us. Spent most of my time making up excuses for loosing pieces of paper which were aparantly important and trying to get the women into bed - Oh, and we got called handbags, which was really really funny :wink:
  5. Thought I'd dig this up for a laugh.

    Any handbags out there need to tell us how important they were?
  6. His actual R Signals trade was class 2 TELE OP(DATA)
  7. Didn't DTG's become Tele Op (Sys), which is now AS Op?

    (except in the TA 2 Sig Bde where they all became RS Ops)
  8. Data Telegraphists didnt map across to any trade, there are still one or two still out there (handbags at the ready :D )

    DTGs were given the option of re-trading and yes, most went Tele Op (Sys) then Area Sys Op. Some select individuals may have gone Tele Op (TG) but not sure many would have made the grade :wink:
  9. There are currently 25 soldiers whose trade is TELE OP(DATA)
  10. I might still be one? I'll have to check. I know I was but I did my A trade (10+ years ago) and it might have changed.
  11. don't know what a DTG done but at least they got C+E so we got someone to drive the admin daf. As for Kriss Akubussi, bloke in a pub told me he is now living in a squalid bedsit in South London as part of the Witness Protection Programme after he turned supergrass into an alleged theft of the Kings Head Ladies Darts Team had their winnings pinched. Bloke in the pub also told me who had committed this atrocity but I don't like to spread gossip.
  12. kriss was a combat athlete from day 1 dont make any mistake about that!!! there were lots of us in the 70's thats whay we always won inter corps athletics.crosscountry every years :wink:
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  13. WhiteHorse

    Just spin your head round and take a look at your arse. If it is shinny then you still are one.

    8O :D
  14. Yep :D
  15. was'nt that kelly holmes bird in the signals as well? got to sgt or sumthing?