Krico Stutzen

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Tartan_Terrier, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a new rifle and while browsing the net yesterday found a full stocked Krico in .308 with a German scope marked NE on the turrets. While it is a quality rifle, it has been neglected and has some patches of rust on the outside of the barrel.

    It's quite cheap , but I'm still unsure about the price due to it's condition.

    Roughly what would the going rate be for this in the UK?

    I've been informed on another forum that the NE on the scope may mean Nomura Elite. Is this correct? Anyone know more about this brand?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Cheers Tac. I think most of the rust is due to incorrect storage as it's been kept in an uninsulated garage. The bore looks pretty crisp, dirty, but crisp. The issue with the price of spares does worry me, as I've no idea if it has any hidden issues.

    I've been checking gunsmiths and it looks like £150 for a reblue, plus anything else that needs doing (hopefully not too much)

    The previous owner is recently deceased, and it's his family who are selling, so under the circumstances I'd feel a bit low pressing for a discount....
  3. Yep, wait out.
  4. Here you go Tac. Edit: The photo looks small, but if you right click and open in a new page it is full size.

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  5. Krico or Kriegeskorte to give the full family name make the dogs items in sporting firearms, even their small-bore rabbit guns are rolls royce type items. If you buy one it's normally for life.
    I've only got a .22LR bolt action from them, but it's mustard for woodies, crows and rabbit, definately a keeper!

    The glass sounds like a right load of old tonk though, on a Krico you should be mounting a decent: S&B, Swarovski, or Zeiss glass. Meopta or Docter if you're skint.

    You can obtain bits, data, advice etc. from them at "" but they do tend to myther you with emails afterwards.
  6. Thanks Cernunnos. I'm a bit lost with the scope, most of the writing seems to have worn off and pretty much all I can make out is 2.5-10x50 and Germany.

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  7. That looks like a "Norconia" glass, i.e. Norinco, Chinese optics wearing Lederhosen and funny hats whilst pretending to be German.


    O.K for the wee yin's aging BSA airsporter or for a budget .22lr bunny buster, but for little else!
  8. Yupp, Norinco - Norconia it is, the NE is a registered trademark of Norinco's German stalking horse:

    norconia gmbh jagd-sport | search

    Mounting a Norinco glass on a Krico is like putting vinyl go faster stripes on a Bentley, only a **** would do so. If it were my rifle I would remove that scope and use it, the scope, as a club!
  9. China-soldiers-German-trained-px800.jpg

    They seem to do a lot of pretending to be German over in China.

    Disappointing though! I had been hoping that it was a half decent scope. :frustrated:
  10. Thanks for that Tac. Good to know. I've got some South African 147 grain stuff in the cupboard which might be ideal then!
  11. Does anyone know were you can get a replacement magazine for a .22lr Krico?

    They seem to be diamond tipped unobtanium.
  12. This any help?

  13. Which range do you shoot on?
  14. Could be fun. I'll have to sort out some stalking over there, and we could have a range day while I'm over.
  15. Just been offered a Krico .22 for 80 quid as well, I may have to start a collection.

    I presume that the quality is similar to their centre fire weapons?