KRH wwarts and all?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Zarathustra, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Hey all, just thought i'd pop over from the infantry forum to ask a quick question.

    After 5 years in the infantry, i want to take my career in a different direction, and, one of the regiments i've considered trying to transfer to is the KRH.

    And i was wondering if any of you fine chaps could shed a bit of light about what they're like as a regiment, i've checked there website, but it doesn't give the insight that i'm looking for, any info would be much appreciated.

  2. In my experience they have been decent chaps considering they wear the most colourful trousers in the army!
  3. Are they Red/Maroon or Crimson??
  4. Pants, knickers or socks? :? :wink:
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Red with a touch of cherry
  6. Thought it was Cherry with a touch of Red!

    And they have a German capbadge :p
  7. Are you Guards???

    If so, a former Coldstreamer had a very successful transfer to either KRH or QRH.
  8. Not been there for some time but it's no different to any other armoured regiment. You'll have your percentage of strokers to decent bloke ratio as well as other quirks and oddities.
    Yes a bloke from the guards transfered and took to it like a duck to water. So shouldn't be a major problem to adapt and re train.

    You'll need to remember it's crimson though! :D
  9. ummm well as has been said, their like anyone else, we even had a para who rebadged to us in 83, and he was okay.
  10. I think you'll have a better time than when you were a grunt. Not that there's anything wrong with being as grunt it's just that you will find the guys to be more decent, more intelligent and the whole experience more rewarding.

    If you've got the ability - go for it.
  11. Hello,

    Having read through most of this board and this thread i was hoping for some advice from any serving or ex-KRH chaps out there.

    I am off to the factory in the new year and having looked around the various arms etc of the army have decided that i want to join (a): A regiment with a varied history and (b): a regiment that has the Chal 2 as part of its kit.

    I was drawn to the KRH because of its quite frankly incredible history, fantastic traditions and of course the Chal 2. However being a complete military virgin I am a bit clueless as to the procedures required. Firstly I often come up against the so called "advice" of other army regs (including officers) telling me not to bother as I come from a non-public school background and am not affiliated with the regiment already. I half expect this to be guff but never the less wanted to enquire, I have no pre-conceptions about any regiments but wanted to ensure that as i am not connected or from the supposed "proper background" I was not wasting my time trying to arrange interviews etc. I don't mean this to offend anyone in the KRH/Cav but don't particularly want to waste my time or theirs!

    Plus any adivce anyone could offer should I manage to get an interview would be most helpful.

    Thanks in advance for any sage advice you may impart upon me.
  12. Call the Regimental Secretary on 01264 720421 at Home Headquarters (South) in Winchester (all details can be got from web). Explain that you would like to join KRH and just be yourself. Don't be shy - go for it! Ignore the public-school issue - you will be judged on your merits in every sense. If you need any more - just shout.
  13. Secondly, don't be put off if the KRH can't take you. The number of 2Lts going to regts is tightly controlled. The KRH's quota for Dec '07 may already be filled. But there are still Scots DG, RDG, QRH and 2RTR for you to contact.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    You sure about that dialling code? I have live and worked around Winchester for many, many years and the code 01962 is what I'd expect
  15. 01264 72 is andover and longparish :D