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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Ambrose_Silk, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. Enjoying a petit boisson on a rainy winter's afternoon, I decided to peruse the King's Royal Hussars' Web site, amongst others. This is an exceptional regiment whose composite regiments have some of the finest histories and traditions in the Army; therefore, the comment I am about to make is not meant to be in the least bit offensive or disrespectful. However, I was frankly mystified to see its officers lined up for parade carrying a variety of swords ranging from the correct pattern 1912 cavalry officer's sword to a pattern 1908 cavalry trooper's sword to a current issue infantry officer's sword to a pattern 1822 light cavalry sword (same as a current issue artillery officer's sword). The knots worn with the swords were equally diverse. You can see this by visiting and looking at the third photo down entitled "The officers prepare to march on parade." I appreciate the fact that not all officers can afford to spend several thousand pounds on the private purchase of a correct sword; however, I was amazed to say the least by what I observed. I wonder how Lord Cardigan might have reacted.
  2. Yea Gods your'e right. The adjt needs a serious talking to!
  3. There's an idea...outing sloppy adjutants!

    I forgot to mention that in these photos even the KRH's Regimental Colonel is wearing the strangest hybrid of a sword I have ever seen: a combination pattern 1822 light cavalry sword with a pattern 1912 grip. The only explanation that I can think of is that this is a family sword, possibly customized for frontline service during WWI and passed on through several generations. Nevertheless, very unusual, at least from my somewhat traditional perspective on these sorts of matters. I would be delighted to hear from others who may have an opinion on the matter or can shed some light on this small mystery.
  4. As probably the best ever Adjutant in the history of the British Army, I fully support the intention to out sloppy adjs. Actually when I say "probably" I am merely being modest...damn I was good!

    So, aux armes my brothers. Any evidence of sloppy adjutancy must be nailed to the Arrse boards. I mean if we don't catch them now, there will be sloppy COs boards and sloppy GOCs boards still to come! It is almost like social work damnit, a great act of public good...
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Planning my wedding in 1981, I was given a three line whip from her who was going to be obeyed not to turn up in khaki, or dressed like a canteen cowboy.

    I had paraded at HM's birthday parade at Rheindahlen a couple of years earlier in 15/19H PTU (2 representatives per cavalry unit stationed in BAOR). This, I decided, got round the exclusions for my wedding suit, and ultimately she was well impressed (see photo).

    However, when I (through the RSM, who approved the use of our PTU) asked the QM for two identical sabres, this was not possible. I had to sign out two identical sabres from the QOH in Detmold.

    25 years on and another round of amalgamations later, I am not in the least surprised that the KRH have an amalgam of sabres.
  6. Cuddles, you really made me laugh! I may be able to follow up with another "case study" shortly.

    Nevertheless, AlianFTM is right; this "sloppiness" is due in large part to amalgamations. That still does not explain in this particular case what an infantry officer's sword is doing on parade in a cavalry regiment, especially when worn by one of the regiment's senior officers and not a visiting officer on temporary assignment. The variety and inconsistent use of sword knots is a whole other matter! Most will no doubt argue that attention to this type of tradition and detail is utterly irrelevant in the 21st Century military…I would vigorously argue just the opposite.
  7. AlienFTM...would love to see your photo but the link requires a password!
  8. I hope it was my humour that caused you to laugh Ambrose and not reminiscences of my tenure of the outer office at...but no, let us leave it to Arrsers' imaginations as to whether it was the orderly room of 1CG, the Kings Troop, 10 PARA or possibly the 11th Mobile Bath and Laundry Unit that I held sway over... Actually it was "none of the above"...
  9. I realise that in todays army the priorities are much different,and much time is spent training or in action.

    However,the I think the muddle of blades on parade is an attempt to draw the eyes away from the generally shabby turnout of the officers,even the C.O.s No 2s look like my old pyjamas!

    It maybe the material,but the whole turnout looks like an unpressed shower of sh*t,the lack of belts(I assume a regimental tradition?),doesn´t help either.

    The Col.with the cannabalised sword is,as far as the pictures show,the only one with descent creases in a pair of trousers that fits!

    Their boots are highly polished though.
  10. No belt on No2 tunic = not a good look.

    Red troosers with a khaki tunic = doesn't go. If you tried to step out in that sort of colour combo as a strawberry mivvy then surely the wife would not let you out the house? Reminds me of my old woodwork teacher (bachelor, naturally - possibly a hee-murr or a kiddyfiddler - ?).

    I'll concede it looks OK with the blue No1 tunic. Just because it's regimental tradition doesn't mean it should find its way into a mode of dress where it just doesn't go though. Perhaps they should overdye their C95 bottoms too eh?

    Perhaps the current round of mergers and acquisitions raises the opportunity to get Jeff Banks / Trinny and Tranny in for some regimental fashion makeovers / uniform restyling and rationalisation, although I guess opportunities in the inf are not as extensive.
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    All the Squadron Sergeant Majors wearing Sam Browne belts also. Another cavalry tradition?
  12. My wife hid my natty, Pakeham Catto and Carter red moleskins in the loft when we moved house. Strangely enough when I delightedly informed her that they had turned up she was less than fulsome in her sharing of my joy...I have now made it quite clear that any attempt to do away with said moleys will result in their replacement by a pair of sky-blue elephant cords! A peaceful state somewhat like that enjoyed between Kruschchev and Kennedy now reigns... 8)
  13. Midnight, you dared say what I did not! The whole turnout, and not just the use of wrong swords by the officers, which is admittedly what I chose to focus on, is strangely careless and shoddy looking. In this set of pictures, the sergeants look far more disciplined, and at least consistent, in their dress than the officers.
  14. Why do you think I never got promoted to L/Cpl!! :p

    After taking a closer look,I couldn´t believe that a Cav Regt would be that badly turned out,I reckon they got a good soaking before the parade and made the best of it.

    At a rehearsal of a parade for the Queen Mother,the RSM noticed a young officer struggling to control his sword.......`Mr D*****s(?),if you don´t stop waving that sword around like the sugar plum fairy,I´ll rip off your arm and stick the soggy end up your arrse,and march you around the square like a lolipop!`
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In July 1982 about my last action in 15/19H was to parade before HRH Maggie upon the occasion of the presentation of a new guidon. We'd practised since February, always wearing far too much kit so that we'd cope with the sweltering July heat on the day ... which started with a thunderstorm of tropical proportions, bringing down half the trees in the barracks. The actual parade was conducted in another storm which saw everybody bar the troops on parade and the saluting party head for cover, led by the now-showing Wor Lass being escorted by a non-parading MT Sergeant using her as an excuse to get out of the wet, "Expecting lady coming through!!!"

    HRH was nicely dry: her ADC held a huge brolly over her head throughout. He got drenched.

    We, the troops, got drenched.

    Upon completion of me RAPC Transfer-In course a couple of months later, I handed in a Hat, Twat, Red, Ridiculous Number 1 Dress that would never again be fit for wear upon the head. I imagine QM 15/19H had a lot of exchanges that year ...