KRH - a good choice ?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by gwibo, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. hey guys sorry for the name of the thread couldnt really think what best to put...

    anyways, im looking to join the army and my main choice if i can have it would be to join the Royal Armoured Corp as i would like to drive a chally2.

    ive done some research and found that kings royal hussars use them. however i dont know much else. ive been browsing the regimental homepage on the official army site but i cant find much else about them.

    So im posting here to ask basically.

    would they be a good choice for a new recruit wanting to join up?
    what are your experiences with them ( if any ) ?
    what other vehicles do they operate at the moment?

    sorry if this seems a bit of a silly post :oops:
    thanks for your time :)
  2. Hi kid

    KRH are currently in Tidworth, they have an op tour coming up and are due an arms plot move to Germany in the next few years. Chally 2 is their bread & butter. Why don't you pop along to your nearest Army careers office or, better still, try to contact the Regiment and arrange to visit them. I'm sure they would welcome that. There should be an email address on their website.

    Best of luck

  3.'ll end up wearing red trousers at some point.... :)
  4. other chally2 regiments:
    Royal Tank Regiment, Queens Royal Hussars, Scots Dragoon Guards, Royal Dragoon Guards, Queens Royal Lancers (one of these last two may have converted to CVR(T))
    generally these regiments have regional ties, but all do the same job.
  5. QRL! :wink:
  6. Spent a day with KRH at Tidworth a couple of years ago.They seem to have taken on most of characteristics of 11 Hussars,my old Regiment.You won't be disappointed,you'll be busier than we were!

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  7. Hello gwibo, you have a pm, Nice pictures brownhat
  8. I had the pleasure of serving with KRH from 1996-2000. A madder bunch of officers you won't find.

    The overall attitude of the unit was best summed up one day on Ulan Eagle, when the SQMS started unloading his wagons. First thing to get unpacked and set up? The telly and Sky dish.
  9. Good drills that man! Thats what I do.