KREFELD 97 - 01

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hoachin, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Looking for any stories of a happy nature from this era. Hoping that i can catch up with a few people from reading them, no need for heidtheba and partick to join in i know you already.
  2. Yeah but, I want to.
  3. oh go on then if you must
  4. Yep 97 - 00 was my time done there.... where can we start....

    It was a good one to send NIGs to try and set a mast up on the footy field......... 'Ricks Footy Field' and then stand back and watch a whirling Dervish explode from the QM(A) Dept.
  5. i was there from 97 - 00, deployed to macedonia in 99 as the full screw chef for trunk node 012.
  6. I know you then :wink:
  7. Hi cakeenarse,i was a 16 sig chef trunk node 014 JHQ had a good friend at Bradburry Bks, i was there 97-99, went with micks to macedonia 99 small world, must know Mighty_Blighty too.Where not e-mail me.
  8. IOW Freeddon Fighters

    i knew most of the chefs at JHQ as i was there from 94-97 and the household chef to the COS ARRC.
  9. i was one of the cpl chefs and worked in RASU kitchen.
  10. cakenarse, i've sent you an e-mail.
  11. IOW F/F i will check email when i get home as i am on work computer, i worked in RASU kitchen for 4 months at the end of 96 while i waited for my posting to 7 sigs from HQ ARRC.
  12. Ok will wait out.
  13. I was there 96 - 98. I was the Tech for TAC Troop, 232. Who was there when the Gazelle Helicopter landed in the middle of Rick's Football Field, and the pilot was educated by Rick in RHQ. You could hear him down at the garages!!
  14. Was any one out there at 280 Sqn.And what really was there job.
  15. I was at 280, 01-04. We didn't really have a job. Just went on lots of fancy NATO courses in Italy and Austria. Hard life it was. We did deploy to Bosnia and Iraq when the Poles needed help in 2003!!