Krav Maga, awesomesauce

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Spr_D, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. There must be a few others out there that do it.
    I gotta say it's the most fun i've had in ages. Been practicing for coming up to six months now and find it more comfortable, more effective, and easier to apply than anything else i've done.
  2. Yeah its a good fighting method, although whats taught in the UK is very much a watered down version of the Israeli Krav Maga. Go on Youtube and have a look - I cant remember the name of the course, but one company shows you video clips of the different phases (pistol, knife, batons, open hand) and it looks extremelly effective.
  3. I started in londinium and did a couple of yearsbin the southnwest, loved it, and was a good work out with mat sessions at the end of the session where you grabbed shit and twisted it. Lots of red man activities and multiple punch ups

    Was a copper who ran it, he used to bring unblooded baby coppers in to break themminto the fact that Friday and Saturday nights were fight nights

    I recommend it to women as well

    There's no hocuspokus mystical shit, it's just "do this it'll hurt them"

    Having said that a real grounding in striking is pretty ******* important, which not a lot of people had ie power to knock out

    When I did the Phoenix cp course at Hereford all the dojo work seemed to relate directly to KV
  4. I've been doing it for about a year and it's a scream. Allows me to go and work off some of my pent up aggression once a week, and so far i've only broken 2 fingers and a toe. Easy to pick up, effective as has been mentioned previously and a good blow out to boot.
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Trained in this for a few years and it's great. An excellent workout and some very applicable skills for the modern world. Of the few people I have known who are KM-trained and someone has tried to mug them: the invariable result is the KM-trained guy walking away, with would-be mugger(s) lying on ground asking for Mum (if they are still conscious). Some more info at Krav Maga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Bear in mind that there are a number of variations to the central them and a number of different schools (some of which are trading on the name). I have trained with the International Krav Maga Foundation (IKMF) IKMF - International Krav Maga Federation | Home and Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW) Krav Maga Association Of America Inc., Israeli Self Defense « Krav Maga Worldwide and I would recommend both. The differences are largely cosmetic and the order in which skills are taught: IKMF is more Israeli-centric and KMW is US-based.
  6. This form of discipline has always interested in me & since being posted earlier this year i can now take a more serious look into trainers/Classes in my area, as my Barracks only offer Boxing not martial arts (as yet)

    I did Kata training many years ago, however this takes things to another level & i've also sourced plenty of info on KV on other forums (Security Industry type forums)
  7. Werewolf, are you still working in the Collinton Tesco?
  8. Chucklingchimp, you go? I go to the Downham one. Not last night though :/
  9. Quoted me but asking WW a question mate?
  10. TurtleHead

    TurtleHead Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I phoned my local Krav Maga instructor last night, hopefully will be starting a beginners class soon. It it effective as a weight loss tool?
    Obviously i'm not going to turn up in a lycra one piece just to lose weight but it would be an added bonus
  11. Heard lots and lots of good things about this. I intend to have my kids instructed in it, though I am not sure what age they should be introduced. Open to advice here if anyone has any thoughts.

    I like the simplicity of the idea hurt your attacker really badly and then run the hell away.
  12. Well it's a fair mix of ages at my (Downham) class. Ranging from late secondary school age up to 50+ year olds. A typical night involves warm-up, run through and practice of (on average) three useful techniques ranging from ground work, grapples, weapon defense, use of elbows/knees effectively arm-bars etc, PRESSURE TESTING, and a warm down.

    The teaching method employed involves multiple slow-time run throughs followed by (rightly so) one-on-one Maximum Aggression practice. Re: Weightloss, no i wouldn't say so, it's technical above all else. The warm-up and pressure testing are below the Phys levels i'd expect modern selection weekends to incur. I'd recommend the usual for weight loss. Phys Phys Phys and controlled diet.

    Pressure tests involve generating a reasonable amount of fatigue and disorientation, be it through carrying a repeated series of flurries inbetween press-ups then spinning round a finger pressed to the floor (not unlike the broom handle drinking game) before you're set upon. This is the time where you'll know if the techniques learnt that night will be effective or not. IF you can pull it off while knackered and dizzy. Sobriety and equilibrium will only benefit their use.
  13. Whenever I hear of this discipline I can't help thinking of "When Jews Attack!"
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  14. I have been Krav training for quite some time now and although it's very good at short sharp methods (hit and run etc) I found I needed more ground techniques as 90 odd percent of all fights end up on the ground pretty quickly. I found Gracie Jiu jitsu was fantastic for this. Not Bjj as that's pretty much a sport and those guys at the cage only learn a fraction of what's on offer. I would recommend both Krav and Gracie jj to anyone! And recommend avoiding your local karate class like the plague!