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br9mp81 said:
Anyone been,and if so any pointers as to what to do,where to drink,where to miss will a big help,thanks.
Most of the good boosers are off/on the main city square, great place out..but watch out for pick pockets it will be a fit bird who tries to hug you as if she is feeling you up and offering you "a good time" she diped one of our lads for 400z(he was all chuffed too)...100z gets you the horse and carriage ride throught the city..well worth it and you can get four or five and your mates on too.. :D

Great place for a night out... :wink:

And if you stuck for Female company ask the taxi to take you to "Casablanca"... Im told 8O
Fantastic place. Good pubs and restaurants all around main square - Rynek Glowny. Great cathedral too. Good day trip to the salt mines at Wielicsza is a possible - grab a cab from old town for a few quid.

Kazimierz very interesting too. One of the guys on Schindler's List still works in the synagogue there. Lots of trendy bars and stuff down there too.

Good Hungarian restaurant called Balaton on the main street, Grodska.

Very good place all round.

Apart from the stag do crowd, dressed as Scooby Do, vomiting in the rubbish bins and being collared by the Polish Plod.
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