Krafty, Very, Very Krafty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fertman, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. There was a noticable plop when the last vesitige of British industrial decency fell down the pan, encouraged by our valiant democratic defenders in parliament. Oh, no job losses ! Not even a week later and 400 families are on the rock'n'roll. Laugh? I could have cried, especially because the takeover was financed, as usual, with borrowed money. Borrowed from whom? A bank which is largely supported by, er, the British guv. Well done. Let's fly the flag, eh? First one who can drink a pint of septic mancream and ask for more can get a lecture circuit and a gurning wife......... and a one-eyed Scottish poodle that can piss itself in public. We can't possibly lose!
  2. Your usual eloquent diatribe.Well done.
  3. I like 'im, brightens up a dull day! :D
  4. They will be soooooo so sorry. The Prince of Darkness supported this buy-out and assured us it would all be OK. Now he will be so cross he might demand a written explanation.
  5. I think you will find that Cadburys had already earmarked the Bristol factory for closure, further they were building the new factory in Poland too.

    Nice try
  6. So is this "krafty" something on the same style as "crafty", then? :?


  7. Exactly, people are piss and moaning about the Krafty foreign devils, but Cadbury's were on the verge of closing down the factory anyway. I'm not condoning Kraft's take over of Cadbury's, but the company itself was going to fuck over it's employees anyway, get over it.
  8. The thing everyone has forgotten is that Kraft is a wing of @Hey, Change the Name Now Coz the Image is Smelly@ Philip Morris...aka We Don't Sell Death Honest. A breath of fresh air to Quakers.......or not.
  9. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    By the Prince of Darkness,do you mean Ashie's friend Lord Mandleson of Backhander?.
  10. British industry? I could be wrong but I thought Cadbury was mostly owned by foreign institutional investors even before Kraft took over?
  11. The board was hardly loyal. Their only concern was to push up the price as they had every intention of going through with the sale.

    A few of Cadburys brands had already been shipped of to cheaper wage areas in the european mainland already. Bournville plain chocolate springs to mind.
  12. Terrys of Terrys of Slovakia doesn't have the same ring. How do you write 'Cadbury'' in Chinese?
  13. Typical indeed! Capitalist needs trumps all. And then folks on ARRSE wonder why I'm a committed Socialist. Wise up, folks.

  14. So you're a committed Socialist because (among, I'm sure, many other reasons) Socialism would ensure that really poor quality cheap chocolate continues to be manufactured in Britain?

    Wow, Marx and Engels really put a lot of effort in to their manifesto and made sure they included everything didn't they :D

    It's a cheap dig I know Bugsy, please don't derail the thread on the sake of it!
  15. In your helplessly uninformed endeavour to marginalise what you call "Socialism", you seem to have overlooked that reckless and unchecked Capitalism is the cause of the Cadbury problem, and not Socialism. Furthermore, you might want to give a thought as to why Capitalism is such a problem in the world and why it always seems to precipitate such unnecessary economic disasters on a regrettably regular basis.