Is there anyone in the Krabi area who can give the gen on what the current weather is? Due out there next week and the usual online places all give different forecasts.

While I'm at it, any good tips for places to go? Must be suitable for the Mrs (unfortunately she's coming too). She's fairly open-minded but doubt she'd take kindly to being slapped across the face by a ladyboy's todger.
Cannot help about places to stay in Krabi but TripAdvisor is a good source.
However, you can take a boat over to Koh Phi-Phi island [an hour or so] if you want to break up your stay in Krabi.
Be aware that the rains are still around and avoid stopping in Bangkok, as we will be largely flooded and they are expecting the waters to be standing for a few weeks, or, two months, depending on which speech the PM is giving. Food, water - both drinking & tap are going to be problematic as is the electricity. If the south is still raining when you arrive, you can catch an AirAsia flight to Chiang Mai in the north where the flooding is over and the weather should be fine.
PM me if you need any further help.

Link to Krabi Forum on Thai Visa website for info or making a post.
Krabi Forum - Thailand Forum
Cheers gents - accommodation is being provided in the hotel where I'll be working. It's a new place that is currently undergoing a soft opening for all of November. Looks good but will wait and see.

Work will only take up two or three of the 10 days I'm out there so plenty of time to explore. Koh Phi Phi island looks a good choice, practical for a day trip or will an overnight be best?

Any tips of places to eat outside of the hotel? Guess seafood is going to be big on the menu? Just spotted the stickie on the Thai Visa forum - thanks Rhodie

Staying over in Bangkok for one night at the end of the trip, would be a shame to just sit in the hotel for a day and a bit because of the floods tho.
wont try to give any advice on krabi, to many tourists for me , and bill edwards is still hiding there somewhere, but my friends in the B I B are still looking
it is a beautiful island ,the fishing is fantastic,


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wont try to give any advice on krabi, to many tourists for me , and bill edwards is still hiding there somewhere, but my friends in the B I B are still looking
it is a beautiful island ,the fishing is fantastic,
Eh? You go to Hua Hin, how many tourists are there?
when we built our first house there mate, was only one hotel, twice a week bus service to Bkk , at least the train ran twice a day, only 2 bars in town
92 /93 the first germans ,swedes and hookers started turning up and it was all down hill after that,, we stay near Prachuap when we are in the area,
we look to south vietnam ,for our hit of waterfalls ,jungle, and virgin beaches(Beaches is spellt correctly jarrod) lol


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I got back from a month in Thailand yesterday, the floods are mainly in and around the North/North West of Bangkok. Only last week the Government admitted they had 'lost control' of the flooding situation and it was suspected they will open sluice gates to ease the back flow of water, which in turn will deluge more areas in BKK. I saw a hell of a lot of sand bagged buildings, cars parked on fly overs and at Suvarnabhuni airport (designated flood car). But I only saw one area first hand that was flooded, up to the wheel arch of the taxi I was in. I doubt Suvarnabhuni will flood, and if you can get in there, the country should be fine as long as you stay away from Ayyudhaya and the middle areas (most of the places the tourists don't go generally).

That said, the heavy and unseasonable rain is still expected into next week. It's a bit misleading to unseasoned Thai travellers as you can usually sunbathe all day until the hour of heavy downpour, after which it is usually fine to sunbathe again.

I have only been to Phi Phi a couple of times on day trips, but I heard the night life in Muang Krabi is nothing like as hectic as Sukhamvit in BKK or Pattaya.

It would be a waste to stay in the hotel in Bangkok though. The hotel will be able to tell you the real gen on the day though, and where is fine to go and what is under water.
As the post above suggests the floods are stuck in the region around Bangkok.
as this sat image shows.
However the BKK Governor -who's the only person with any credibility left- has said that all 50 BKK districts will be hit tonight [26/10] many have made, or, are making themselves scarce before the dluge.
So areas like Chiang Mai & Rai as well as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket have become destinations for those too windy to stay.
This will effect prices, as Thais never miss an opportunity to exploit.
So the offer below may already be redundant.
Note the govt expect BKK to be inundated to varying degrees until December.
Avoid BKK city for the next 10-14 days.
They are making an effort to keep S'vbum BKK's main airport open

Posted Today, 06:31
Krabi hotels' relief package offers 2 weeks for Bt1,500
The Nation

Many hotels in the Southern province of Krabi are offering flood victims a two-week stay for only Bt1,500, with Bt500 of that going to flood-relief operations.

"The campaign is about a free stay for the first seven nights and the following seven nights for just Bt1,500," Ittirit Kingrek, president of the Krabi Tourism Association, said yesterday.

The "Fellow Thais and Krabi Won't Leave You Alone" campaign starts on Friday and runs to November 10.

At least 11 hotels with 700 rooms have confirmed their participation.

The promotion was launched through the collaboration of the association, hotels and many organisations.

Ekkawit Pinyothammanothai, president of the Krabi Hotel Association, expects the campaign to raise Bt1.75 million for flood victims.

Those who are interested in the campaign can call 075-622163 or 075-612812.

The participating hotels are four-star facilities, he said.

In Chiang Mai, 75 hotels are helping out by providing big discounts. Three- and four-star properties will sell a room for just Bt800 per night while five-star accommodations will be priced at Bt1,200 a night.

"There are about 1,500 rooms available under this campaign," said Phunach Thanalaopanich, president of the hotel association in the Northern province.

Guests who had booked a room at his association's members but could not make the trip because of the flooding will be allowed to postpone their stay without any extra charge.

Normally, room rates at Chiang Mai hotels climb in the winter because that is the peak season there.

Interesting - cheers for the details. Nice to know there is still some sun to be had, even though Bangkok could be a giant paddling pool by the time I get there. So long as Suvarnabhuni stays open and I can connect from there down to Krabi all should be well.
Something's afoot. Air force & airline aircraft are being deployed away from BKK to airports around the country.
I/net links in threat of being swamped so here's Thai Airways announcement:

Ticket and Reservations Policy for Flood Situation in Thailand

Due to flooding situation in several provinces of Thailand, all TG ticket(s) issued worldwide on/before 11OCT11 for travel date on sector to/from Thailand during 12OCT11-15DEC11:

The following procedures will apply:
THAI Airways International : Ticket and Reservations Policy for Flood Situation in Thailand

This link does not appear to work here, so you may need to check with their UK office if you are flying Thai on any other BKK-bound carrier for that matter.
Pasted the main text of Rhodie's Thai Airways link below in case it helps anyone:

Ticket and Reservations Policy for Flood Situation in Thailand

Due to flooding situation in several provinces of Thailand, all TG ticket(s) issued worldwide on/before 11OCT11 for travel date on sector to/from Thailand during 12OCT11-15DEC11:
The following procedures will apply:
1. Change of Reservation : To / From Thailand

Extend ticket validity to 15DEC11 and allow to change date of travel without fee/surcharge.
2. Reroute / Reissued : To / From Thailand and beyond destinations

- Permit to reissue / reroute within any online destination in Thailand and beyond destinations within ticket validity without fee/ surcharge providing that any fare differences and /or expenses (Taxes /Surcharges) has to be settled by our passenger(s)
3. Refund : TG ticket(s) issued worldwide

- Ticket(s) with non-refund condition remain unchanged.
drainage dept at suvannaphum airport has been been extended, there are now 24 specialists on standby with stirrup pumps and plastic buckets,
management are looking for ideas on how to stack the 50,000 spare taxi,s
For the first time in my 10 years here the British Embassy e-mail warning system kicked in this afternoon. Basically saying keep well clear of Bangkok and surrounding areas for the time being but the rest of Thailand is fine.


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Dont worry about Thailand with the wife. We've been going for yonks and never seen anything to scare the horses. In Ko Samui you would never know there is a red light district - we'd been there 2 weeks till I took a wrong turn in the jeep and found it. You can spot the girly / ladyboy bars. Tarts in bright red micro-skirts are the clue.

If you pass through Hua Hin take the Doris for tea at the Sofitel Hotel Sofitel Centara Grand Resort and Villas - Luxury hotel HUA HIN - Official Web Site It used to be The Railway Hotel - old colonial job and very civilised. The Queen of Thailand pops in if she is staying at their villa in the hills.

One day in Bangkok? Take her for a cocktail at Vertigo Moon Bar on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel (unless you suffer from vertigo, in which case, dont) Vertigo and Moon Bar | Dining | Banyan Tree Bangkok I found a tour of the back canals fascinating Bangkok Khlongs (Canals) - Bangkok Waterways The Doris loved the Jim Thompson House The Jim Thompson House I thought it was an overpriced bunch of cloth but Jim was a bit of a lad. CIA operative who died under mysterious circumstances.

Edit* If you are walking to the Golden Temple you will be stopped by a man in a suit who will tell you it is closed for a Thai only ceremony. But he is from the Ministry of Tourism and will arrange a free tuk-tuk to take you to other temples. You will end up dumped at a gemstone shop or tailors half way across town. And if a gemstone shop offers to clean your wifes rings for free (insert joke of your own choosing) tell them to **** off. They can swap a diamond for an identical cubic zirconium in seconds.

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