KPMG to review Woolwich olympic shooting venue for 2012

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Gun_Nut, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. The Evening Standard today ran an article saying that 3 of the proposed olympic venues are under review, including the shooting venue at Woolwich. Naturally most of the article focused on the equestrian and basketball venues :x but it looks like their might just be a chance of 2012 delivering a legacy for the shooting sports after all.

    Evening Standard

  2. Wouldn't have any of those problems at Bisley.
  3. Its not as if we already had any perfectly acceptable ranges in nice open areas that might rhyme with Bisley...

    Fukcing hell, what a waste of money. £25m is half a Titian...
  4. As I understand it, Bisley is not a preferred site. It would require major alterations to the ranges as well as having a major impact on what one could charitably describe as its 'Edwardian charm'.

    Besides which, we should be encouraging more regional shooting facilities, not reinforcing the dominance of Bisley!
  5. A competition range at Warcop could be money well spent!
  6. A permanent, Olympic-standard shooting centre might also allow pistol shooters to have somewhere to train apart from France - presumably it would have to have permission for their storage and use on site.
  7. KPMG to are reviewing the Horsey things in Greenwich Park, Shooting in Woolwich and Basketball arena in the Olympic Park, all of which are bonkers in terms of spend versus legacy.

    Possible alternatives are Hickstead or Badminton for the Nags, Millennium Dome for Basketball and, believe it or not, the windswept, barren, desolate and utterly miserable Dartford site for the shooting. ( You know, the one just downwind of the sewage works)

    Bisley is a possible but of course the Great White Elephant known as the Lord Roberts Centre already stands as a stark and dreadful warning as to what your "legacy" can turn in to
  8. This is good news and will hopefully highlight to a larger audience of the total waste of £25m, plus a further £5-8m in demolition costs....(These costs are probably set to rise too !)

    It will be an absolute disgrace if the proposed plan for the Greenwich site is allowed to continue....
  9. stupid place to put a range if you need to close a road
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The land exists in the MoD portfolio, surely if Bisley doesnt get redeveloped then a similar but modern facility nearby should be the right thing. I for one wouldnt moan if Bisley gets changed provided the clubhouses remain. After the fooked up the pistol ranges for the Commonwealth trap layout there is nothing left worth keeping!
  11. I would have thought that Shoeburyness would have been a better site for shooting...

    The ground is already too contaminated for reclamation and we could continue to p1ss off the folk who object to the noise from the proof ranges..... bonus :D
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Good enough for me but what about the legacy, no one in their right mind goes there for a day out?
  13. Surely the biggest danger of using Woolwich as a shooting venue would be the oh-so-delightful locals reacting to the bangs and shooting back... who did the Risk assessment?