KOYY(LI) Reg. Photo, Transition Parade, Nostell Priory

I am attempting to track down and obtain a copy of the reg. photograph taken at the transition parade of 8LI to KOYY(LI), at Nostell Priory, c.1994 i think (+/- a few years, cant remember offhand the exact date)

If anyone has a copy, or knows where one can be found, please let me know, likewise if anyone can identify the original photographers (not H.Tempest it seems), or any other usefull info i would be gratefull

You might be able to track it down by ringing the staff at Wakefield at the para engineer unit, some of them are still the same after all this time, or via 4 Yorks who may still have the archives of all the ta units in that area.

I was there, don't remember much about it and sadly wasn't on the parade itself because, erm, I was the battalion photographer, and no even I don't have a copy of the bloody photograph as they were all the property of the the battallion...

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