Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by karadjordje, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/ukfs_news/hi/newsid_7400000/newsid_7405200/7405218.stm

    Tragedy for the people of Kosovo by which for such things made possible to happen. It must be obvious to any that Serbia was not treated correctly. NATO she attacked Serbia for defending the territorial integrity her people in Croatia and expelled ancient Serbian communities from Slavonia and Krajina but from the other side it applies dual- standard when situation it will be inverted into Kosovo.

    But Serbians hate to hate therefore I will end to you the joke: where the British soldier does hold his rifle? Under his shovel!
  2. Drivel.

    I'll tell you a joke. It's called: samo sloga srbina spašava

    Try reading the book, Knin je pao u Beogradu by General (JNA/VJ/SVK) Milisav Sekulic.
  3. Serbia was unfortunately always cursed with the traitors which sell their own country. They will select the terrestrial kingdom sufficiently than the celestial Serbia of Lazar. But at least people of Serbia will stand to the Islamic terrorism. Why KLA do love British soldiers? Because they donate them ten orange juice!
  4. My bold. You're not serious surely?
  5. You did lose your wit bubbles_ barker? Think what Mladic would say to George Bush: he would say to it to place it's golfy cart upward inside it's arse!
  7. In Croatia and Slovenia and Bosnia and Macedonia and even Iraq, NATO / Western Powers warred for maintaining the territorial integrity of those countries, even where large population of Serbian there was who wanted independence. How can you refuse that the dual- standard applied to Serbia? Again Serbia to select the celestial kingdom above and above the kingdom of the earth. Serbia always wins war but it loses peace.

    Joke: If Montenegrin does make its brandy from the grass and Slovene it does make its brandy from the raisin, then what does Turk make his brandy from? The blood of the Drina! :D :D
  8. If you're going to do comedy, then you really need some better material.
  9. Ah - this is better - the Kosovo thread was always a bit too upmarket.

    Now Karadjordje - the reaon that many people dont like Serbia is beacuse of people like you who come across at idiots. I have many Serbian friends and although thre are Serbians first - including from the RS - they understand that the politics is a lot more complicated than people imagine. And many Serbian Serbs do not want the RS country cousins to comer and stay - they would rather have Euros.
  10. Rickshaw_Major!

    Ironically that British army now fights muslims in Iraq and in the Afghanistan but when they had a chance to fight muslims in Bosnia they accepted their side instead. Why you did ensure food and ammunition for the muslem terrorists into Gorazde? Why didn't you prevent to them to kill people of Serbian and to burn everything on our earth? You did not support that good muslims in Bihac because they did want to support connections with Serbia? But you supported terrorists and now it that will hold in control of you.

    Joke: What do you call that Albanian woman which mow its field, then goes inside and eat half of lemon? Happy the entire day! :D