Kosovo Wins Support For Split From Serbia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Nearly eight years after NATO warplanes intervened in a bitter ethnic conflict between Serbs and rebellious Kosovo Albanians in the former Yugoslavia, the United States and its European allies have agreed to support Kosovo's permanent secession from Serbia under continuing international supervision, according to senior U.S. and European officials.

    The decision will likely lead, possibly as early as this summer, to the formal creation of a new Connecticut-size country in southeastern Europe with membership in the United Nations and, eventually, its own army, the officials said. But a foreign diplomat posted in the capital would retain authority to fire officials and rescind legislation deemed divisive, while leaving routine matters of government to local control.

    Under the plan, NATO troops would continue to patrol the new state to ensure peace and help protect minorities, but would gradually withdraw as Kosovo neared membership in NATO and the European Union

    The eventual formal redrawing of Serbia's border by foreign powers has been widely expected since 1999. Nonetheless, the prospect of Kosovo's independence has sown anxiety among some of Kosovo's ethnically divided Balkan neighbors and even caused hesitation in Spain, where unresolved secessionist pressures persist in the Basque region.

    A separate international "rule of law" monitoring mission, under the control of the European Union, would number roughly 1,000 and exercise authority over Kosovo's troubled local police force and corrupt local judiciary. Officials said the Kosovo Protection Corps, a shadow local military force, would likely be disbanded and replaced by a NATO-trained civil defense force that would form the nucleus of an eventual Western-allied army.

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  2. Won't happen for 2 reasons, firstly it will involve politicians (enough said) and more importantly, parts of Kos are sacred in Serbian history, in particular places like the field of blackbirds. Serbia will never cede that to the kosovans
  3. Also, the place has no viable economy, so how will it be supported as an independent country? By the international community, of course!
  4. Dont doubt it at all. I am sure some unelected money-grabbing EU crooks, oops I meant politicians, will jump on the financial band-wagon and make a fortune out of it.
    The do have two good sources of revenue, sponging of everyone else, and black-marketing
  5. Helsinki Final Act 1975

  6. Agree with all that has been said but I'll bet it happens. The Serbs will be furious and any Serb politician who is daft enough to agree with this plan will have his grave p1ssed on for the nex 500 years. Only the p1ssing might start earlier than he/she would want!
  7. but can't see it being part of serbia again as the serbian goverment did sucha bang upjob oflooking after kosavans
  8. Agreed! Status quo probabaly best bet but UN will get fed up, EU will want to stop pumping in money so indepenence it is.
  9. I just cannot see Serbia allowing Kos to become independent, unless the usual EU sweetners / bribes / investments take place but I still think the only way will be to re-draw the borders and that will take years.
  10. The Serbs can't stop it but they won't be happy. Agree about sweeteners, bribes etc but see my earlier post about Serb politicians and bear in mind the fact the Radicals won the election.
  11. Kosovo will not be independent - it will merge with Albania to become a new Muslim Power in Europe
  12. Do we learn nothing from history? vis-a-vis the current situation in the Middle East is in part due to 'powers' drawing arbitary borders and/or creating countries [Iraq/Israel/Palestine et al.,]
    edited to add that I think voyager is right.
  13. merkator's prediction:

    Kosovo will become independent from Serbia.

    What is not decided is the exact timing of this event or the precise nature of the independance: fully sovereign state; nominally independent governance but technically Serbian state territory; nominally independent under international supervision; etc. etc.

    merkator's analysis:

    Imposing any form of permanent self-autonomy, let alone independence - against the wishes of the Serbian state - runs counter to just about every single international convention/law/agreement ever drawn up on this matter. Not only that, but it sets a precedence that terrorist violence may be rewarded with political aims being recognised and enforced by the international community.

    By imposing a Kosovo 'independence' solution on the Balkans, the international community is doing the complete opposite of what it has fought to uphold for the past 60 years - and in particular the last 15 years of effort in the Balkans - territorial integrity of sovereign states.

    If Kosovo independence is imposed on the basis that it reflects the will of the people, it signifies 2 things. First, ethnic violence and 'cleansing' is tolerated, and second, the biased attitude to the Balkan problem; will the international community recognise an indpenedent Republika Srpska if it is the will of the Bosnian Serbs?

    The fact that Kosovo is clearly not ready for self-governance is demonstrated by the assumption that an international presence will have to be maintained to oversee security, judicial and governance itself. As Paddy Ashdown has very recently argued, these places are simply not ready to look after themselves properly.

    I am convinced that Serbia can be persuded to cut ties with Kosovo even though it remains deep in their psyche. This solution is the right solution, but will require time, patience, and significant inducements to the people of Serbia. Serbia's agreement in this process removes all international legal restrictions. This path is not being followed for reasons of selfish national political interest in Washington, London, Paris and elsewhere.

    So why is it that we are discussing the likely application of the wrong solution when the right solution is available?

    For the simple reason that the international community is trying desperately to bury, or sweep under the carpet, as quickly as possible an awkward sore of their own creation - and at the very same time save political face (don't want to go grovveling to Serbs for help!).

    Their imperative is not to resolve a longstanding ethnic/territorial dispute in the correct fashion, it is to be shot of it!

    If Kosovo's independence is imposed, not agreed by all parties, this will come back to bite Europe in the future. Beware.
  14. Hey, an international precedent - terrorism works! Hardly surprising after the one-sided sphericals that came out of the place in '99.

    Yeah, and you Sassenachs had better just watch out if the SNP get in come May 5th... :biggrin:
  15. Voyager wrote

    Delete - 'Power'

    Insert - FOB for European Islamic Insurgency

    Albania is dirt poor and crime ridden, ideal breeding ground for disaffected Muslims, It doesn't have to be that way , it has some of the most beautiful unspolit coastline in the Med, and pre-war , was the preferred holiday destination for the Italian Middle and Upper classes.

    It has a lot going for it , ancient historical sites, great beaches, infrastructure that could be modernised, and a 'model society' created.

    If controlled investment could be made, alled to a draconian crackdown on the gangster element, Albania could well be a top holiday destination.

    But once again, I fear we are going to miss the chance here.